Title - War Diary of the 8th Baden Inf. Regt. No. 169

Extract from the "Commemorative Publication for the 1st Regimental Day of the former 8th Baden Inf. Regt. No.169 in Lahr on 30th and 31st August 1924", courtesy of Verlag Moritz Schauenburg GmbH.

Early on the 24th June, the preliminary artillery bombardment began, at first with light calibres, then progressively going over to medium and heavy calibres, as well as the heaviest mortar shells over the first four lines of trenches. Many dug-outs were destroyed. Supplies of food and munitions were possible only through the most determined efforts of the supply troops. Nightly trench raids by English companies during the later nights were repulsed. Early on the 1st July, patrols of the 4th 169 and 7th 169 observed and reported the manning of the enemy forward positions. In a state of great expectation, all parts of the regiment were prepared for the sight of the enemy onslaught. As soon as the assault lines broke forward they were met with murderous rifle- and machine gun fire, such that the attack disintegrated before reaching our lines. Only in S2, because of the terrain, were the English successful in forcing a way through. After a sharp counter-attack with hand-grenades, however, they were quickly thrown back there as well. Parts of the left- and of the reserve batallions then intervened successfully in the battle in the sector of R.I.R. 121, and there drove the advancing enemy back to a mid-way position.

The regiment took prisoners and captured machine guns.

Losses: 14 officers, 577 men; of which 9 officers were killed; Oblt. Welsch, Oberarzt Dr. Schmidt, die Leutnants Schwendemann, Kaufmann, Iehnisch, Beck, Reck, Imle, Hoff.

Translation by Andrew C Jackson 1997

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