Title - Blackmore entries in Liverpool parish records

Courtesy of Barry O'Shea

Baptisms for the Parish of Childwall

Surname Name Parents Baptised Born Church Residence Profession
BlackamoreMaryWilliam15 Oct 1759 HaleHale 
BlackmoreAnnWilliam20 Sept 1761 HaleHale 
BlackmoreBettyWilliam13 Nov 1763 HaleHale 
BlackmoreJosephWilliam01 Dec 1765 HaleHale 
BlackmoreEstherWilliam15 Nov 1767 HaleHale 
BlackmoreIsaacWilliam24 Apr 1770 HaleHalebank 
BlackmoreEllenWilliam10 Mar 1773 HaleHalewood 
BlackmoreWilliamJoseph and Elizabeth27 Dec 179530 Nov 1795HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreWilliamIsaac and Alice21 May 179726 Apr 1797All SaintsHalewood 
BlackmoreJosephIsaac and Alice09 Jun 179919 May 1799HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreIsaacJoseph and Elizabeth01 Sept 179907 Aug 1799HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreRachaelJoseph and Elizabeth09 Aug 180111 Jul 1801HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreJohnIsaac and Alice27 Sept 180103 Sept 1801HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreJamesIsaac and Alice17 Jul 180322 Jun 1803HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreMaryJoseph and Elizabeth07 Aug 180326 Jun 1803HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreElizabethJoseph and Elizabeth10 Mar 180504 Feb 1805HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreEllinJoseph and Elizabeth04 Feb 181023 Dec 1809HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreSarahJoseph and Elizabeth03 Nov 181129 Sept 1811HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreThomasThomas and Alice12 Jul 1812 All SaintsMuch WooltonFarmer
BlackmoreJamesJoseph and Elizabeth19 Sept 1813 HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreJosephJoseph and Ellen14 Jul 1816 HaleHalebankWire-drawer
BlackmoreThomasJoseph and Ellen12 Apr 1818 HaleHalebankWire-drawer
BlackmoreMaryJoseph and Ellen18 Jun 1820 HaleHalebankLabourer
BlackmoreWilliamJoseph and Ellen18 Jun 1820 HaleHalebankLabourer
BlackmoreIsaacJoseph and Alice21 Oct 182125 Sept 1821All SaintsMuch WooltonLabourer
BlackmoreAnneJoseph and Ellen12 May 1822 HaleHalebankWire Drawer
BlackmoreJaneJoseph and Ellen21 Sept 182323 Aug 1823All SaintsMuch WooltonLabourer
BlackmoreEstherJoseph and Ellen14 Mar 1824 HaleHalebankWire Drawer
BlackmoreJamesWilliam and Sarah03 Apr 1825 HaleHalebankHusbandman
BlackmoreJohnJoseph and Ellen15 May 1825 HaleHalebankWire Drawer
BlackmoreIsaacJoseph and Ellen18 Mar 1827 HaleHalebankWire Drawer
BlackmoreIsaacWilliam and Sarah27 Jan 1828 HaleWidnesLabourer
BlackmoreJohnJohn and Sarah22 Feb 1828 GarstonGarstonMiller
BlackmoreEllenJoseph and Ellen05 Jul 1829 HaleHalebankLabourer
BlackmoreAliceJoseph and Alice09 Mar 1830 HaleMuch WooltonGardener
BlackmoreAnneWilliam and Sarah26 Sept 1830 HaleLittle SankeyLabourer
BlackmoreIsaacIsaac and Betsy14 Aug 1831 HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreElizabethSarah29 Jun 1834 HaleHalebankSingle woman
BlackmoreElizabethJoseph and Nancy05 Oct 1834 HaleHalebankLabourer
BlackmoreWilliamJoseph and Nancy20 Mar 1836 HaleHalebankFarmer
BlackmoreJosephJoseph and Nancy04 Jun 1837 HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreRobert TurtonJoseph and Nancy21 Oct 1838 HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreHenryJoseph and Nancy07 Feb 1841 HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreAnneJoseph and Nancy30 Jan 1842 HaleHalewoodFarmer
BlackmoreFrederick WilliamGeorge and Ellen29 Oct 1889 Garston14 James St, GarstonGardener

Baptisms for the Parish of Toxteth

Surname Name Parents Baptised Born Church Residence Profession
BlackmoorIsaacJohn and Sarah16 May 1830 St MichaelLark LaneMiller
BlackmanMatthewJohn and Sarah04 Sept 1831 St MichaelToxteth ParkLabourer
BlackmanWilliamJohn and Sarah11 Nov 1832 St MichaelToxteth ParkLabourer
BlackmoreJosephJohn and Sarah26 Jan 1834 St MichaelToxteth ParkLabourer
BlackmoreSarahJohn and Sarah17 May 1835 St MichaelToxteth ParkLabourer
BlackmoorThomasJohn and Sarah24 Jul 1836 St MichaelGreen BankLabourer
BlackmoreAliceJohn and Sarah31 Dec 183714 Dec 1837St MichaelGreen BankLabourer
BlackmoreEllenJohn and Sarah08 Mar 184011 Feb 1840St MichaelGreen BankLabourer

Baptisms for the Parish of Edge Hill

Surname Name Parents Baptised Born Church Residence Profession
BlackmoreNancyWilliam and Sarah01 May 1814 St MaryLow HillDruggist
BlackmoreJohnWilliam and Sarah24 Mar 1816 St MaryLow HillGardener
BlackmoreEdwinJames and Sarah30 Jun 183904 Mar 1839St MarySidney PlaceGardener
BlackmoreJosephJoseph and Anne11 Jul 185206 Jun 1852St Mary13 Lennox St WDStoker
BlackmoreThomas WilliamWilliam and Elizabeth27 Jun 192014 Jun 1920St Mary18 Edge MountLabourer
BlackmoreRichard ErnestEnoch and Harriet24 Mar 192005 Mar 1920St Mary10 6th Terrace Mt VeLabourer
BlackmoreAliceWilliam and Elizabeth30 Aug 192218 Aug 1922St Mary18 Edge LaneWatchman
BlackmoreMinnieEnoch and Harriet28 Oct 192308 Oct 1923St Mary10 Moffat BuildingsLabourer
BlackmoreWilliamWilliam and Elizabeth04 Sept 192716 Aug 1927St Mary12 Edge MountCorp Employee
BlackmoreEdward HenryEdward and Jane30 Sept 193625 Aug 1936St Mary30 Bengal StPorter
BlackmoreJoan LillianEdward and Jane02 Apr 194008 Apr 1940St Mary30 Bengal StBoilerman


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