Title - Descendants of Peter and Betty Jackson of Holcombe

Peter and Betty Jackson were married at St Mary's Church, Bury on 23 December 1798. For the next hundred years, the family was to live near the Lancashire village of Holcombe. It was only when my great-grandfather, Eli, began a new career as a publican that the family moved away, settling at the turn of the century a few miles further north in Accrington.

1Peter JACKSON c 5 Mar 1775 at Bury; m 23 Dec 1798 Betty BOOTH at Bury.
2Jenny JACKSON b 13 Feb 1799; child by Adam BROOKS.
3Eli JACKSON b 23 Jan 1820 at Holcombe; m 31 Oct 1842 Elizabeth MANGNALL (b 19 April 1824, dau of Thomas MANGNALL and Mary ISHERWOOD; bd 24 Oct 1881 at Holcombe) at Bury; killed by the fall of a stone in Sough Railway Tunnel, Over Darwen, 16 Oct 1846, bd at Holcombe.
4Jane JACKSON b 30 March 1844 at Boardmans, Holcombe; m 14 Dec 1872 John GREENHALGH (b 1835/6 at Tottington Lower End, s of Robert GREENHALGH; d 9 Oct 1911, bd at Holcombe) at Holcombe; d 6 June 1898, bd at Holcombe.
5William GREENHALGH b 1874/5; d 17 April 1875, bd at Holcombe.
5Mary Ellen GREENHALGH b 1875; d 15 Feb 1876, bd at Holcombe.
5Elizabeth A GREENHALGH b 1878/9 at Tottington Lower End.
5Mary J GREENHALGH b 1881/2 at Tottington Lower End.
5Susannah GREENHALGH b 1886/7 at Tottington Lower End.
4Elliot JACKSON b 14 Dec 1845 at Tongs Fold, Holcombe; m (1) 18 Jan 1868 Susan HOLT (b 1845, dau of Richard and Betty HOLT; d 7 Jan 1872, bd at Holcombe) at Holcombe; m (2) 16 June 1877 Alice ENTWISTLE (b 2 Oct 1853; d 6 Nov 1931, bd at Holcombe) at Holcombe; d 22 Feb 1912 at Printers Arms, Belfield, Rochdale, bd at Holcombe.
5Eli JACKSON b 26 May 1868; m 17 May 1890 Sarah HAMER (b 1866/7 dau of James HAMER and Hannah BLACKMORE; bd 16 June 1947 at Baxenden) at Ramsbottom; d 1 Jan 1910, bd at Baxenden.
6Thomas JACKSON b 9 Nov 1890; m 11 Sept 1915 Martha HOLDEN (b 13 Sept 1892 dau of James HOLDEN and Jane TAYLOR; d 8 Dec 1968 at Accrington) at Baxenden; d 21 May 1975 at Accrington.
7Norman Brian JACKSON m Bessie SPENCER
7Maurice JACKSON m Marian LORD (dau of Ashworth LORD and Ada GRIME) at Accrington.
8Andrew Clive JACKSON m Alyson HILL (dau of Robert HILL and Roma BUDDEN) at Peterlee.
6Susan Hannah JACKSON b 13 Dec 1896 at Ramsbottom; m Reginald HARGREAVES.
2Molly JACKSON b 23 June 1800.
2Thomas JACKSON b 9 April 1802.
2Joseph JACKSON b 24 Nov 1803; bd 23 May 1824 at Holcombe.
2Betty JACKSON b 28 Oct 1805.


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