Title - The Officers and Men

Accrington Howitzers

Above: Accrington Howitzers at Weeton Camp. From the author's own collection.

At present (November 2016), this list contains the names of 90-95% of the officers and men who joined the brigade before its embarkation for France on 31st January 1916.

Ranks are at the end of service where known, but otherwise are largely taken from the list published in the Accrington Gazette of 22nd May 1915. I am especially grateful to Denis Otter, Andrew Gill, Alan Mackay, David Ingam, Margaret Chambers, Steve Williams and Steven Owen for their generous help.

© Andrew C Jackson 2005-2016

Nr. Surname Other Names Rank Bty. Address
L434 Abbott Abraham Gnr.

L584 Abbott John Gnr. B
L085 Abraham Frederick Noble Bdr. A 96 Manor St., Accrington
L157 Adshead John Bdr. B
L239 Airey Edwin Sgt.

L324 Aldersley Fletcher Harold Bdr.
21 Whittlefield St., Burnley
L703 Aldersley Frank Dvr. D 13 Plover St., Burnley
L413 Aldred Albert Dvr. B 25 Park Avenue, Gt. Harwood
L359 Alexander John Charles Gnr.
57 Brougham St., Burnley
SE/12047 Allonby Edward W. Sgt.

L350 Anforth Charles Albert Sgt.

L003 Armstrong George Gnr. A 55 Richmond St., Accrington
L325 Ashworth William Dvr.
9 Randall St., Burnley
L599 Ashworth William Gnr.
131 Cleaver St., Burnley

Aspin A.J. Dvr. B
L382 Aspinall James Gnr. B 22 Beech St., Gt. Harwood
L742 Astin Absolam Dvr.
3 Sweet Home Square, Burnley
L600 Astin Dyson Gnr. AC 40 Fraser St., Burnley
L030 Astin Rhodes Dvr. A 42 Emma St., Accrington
L351 Atkinson Harry Sgt.

L595 Bailey Henry Gnr. C
L155 Baker Fred Cpl.
5 Hapton St., Burnley
L686 Baldwin Arthur Gnr.
11 Briercliffe Rd., Burnley

Baldwin J. Dvr. A
L623 Baldwin James Sharples B.Q.M.S. B 87 Pickup St., Clayton-le-Moors
L044 Baldwin Percy Dvr.
114 Dowry St., Accrington
L180 Baldwin William Robinson Gnr. C 2 Jonathan St., Barrowford
L778 Bale Wilfred Gnr.
167 Burnley Rd., Accrington
L470 Bamford Percy Dvr.
12 Willow St., Burnley
L200 Bancroft George Dvr. B 7 Oxford St., Accrington

Bancroft Harold A/Maj. A Turfcote, Whalley Rd., Accrington
L508 Banks Joshua Dvr.

L539 Barcroft Fred Dvr.

L360 Barker Joseph Charles Dvr.
111 Branch Rd., Burnley
L191 Barker Ernest Bdr. B 76 Church St., Church
L556 Barnes George Gnr. AC 19 George St., Church
L616 Baron Abraham Gnr. AC 35 Havelock St., Oswaldtwistle
L569 Baron Robert Cpl. 2nd AC 28 Bent St., Oswaldtwistle
L167 Bartholomew Ernest Sgt. B 7 Ranger St., Accrington
L672 Basnett Harry Gnr.

L065 Bassinder Arnold Gnr. A 2 Essex St., Accrington
L193 Bassinder Stanley Dvr. B 2 Essex St., Accrington
L213 Bassnett Stafford Dvr.
27 Laithe St., Burnley
L447 Battersby Edmund Dvr. A 42 Chester St. or 10 China St., Accrington
L051 Beard Joseph Dvr. A
L583 Beck Martin Embrey Sdlr. A

Sgt. A.V.C.
L202 Bell Hermon Dvr. B 43 High St., Oswaldtwistle
L113 Bell James Gnr. A 43 High St., Oswaldtwistle
L757 Bent Tom A/Bdr. A 79 Oswald St., Accrington
L501 Bentley Nicholas Cpl. AC 83 Westwood St., Accrington
L047 Bentley Harry Sgt. AC

Benton Mungo Park 2/Lt. A
L758 Berry Gladstone A/Sgt.
21 Stafford St., Burnley
L554 Bimson Albert Victor Gnr. AC 44 Pendle St., Accrington
L564 Binns Arthur Gnr.
38 Junction St., Burnley
L699 Birch Joseph Dvr. B
L647 Bird Howard John S/smith A 48 India St., Accrington
L441 Birtwistle John Kenyon Gnr. B 121 Bold St., Accrington
L648 Birtwistle Richard Gnr. B 24 Commercial St., Oswaldtwistle
L479 Birtwistle Stephen Dvr. A
L729 Birtwistle Thomas Gnr. AC
L510 Bispham Frederick Charles Gnr.

L299 Blackburn Harry Gnr.
7 Celia St., Burnley
L736 Blades Bruce Wallace Dvr.

L711 Blades Douglas Sgt.
54 Manchester Rd., Hapton
L396 Blakey Howarth Bdr.
18 Raglan Rd., Burnley
L765 Blank Frank Gnr.

L662 Blount Arthur Gnr.

L172 Blythe Cecil N. Gnr. B
L093 Bolton James Bdr. C 10 Pilgrim St., Nelson
L317 Bolton John Thomas Dvr. B 56 St. Edmund's St., Gt. Harwood
L124 Bond Frederick (Fred) Bdr. A 89 Dale St., Accrington
L717 Bonner James Dvr. B
L138 Bottomley George Nathan Gnr.
70 Huffling Lane, Burnley
L614 Bourke Yates Gnr. B 15 Paddock St., Oswaldtwistle

Bowden A. Bdr. B
L107 Bower Jonathan Albert 2/Lt. D Spring Bank, Barrowford
L449 Bowker Frederick (Fred) Gnr. B 20 Eddleston St., Accrington
L321 Bradbury John William Gnr.
2 Baron Terrace, Burnley
L022 Bradley Charles Harold Cpl. B
L006 Braithwaite Joseph Gnr.
57 Park Rd., Accrington
L090 Braithwaite Thomas Cpl. A 52 Monk St., Accrington
L122 Braithwaite John/Jonathan Robert Gnr. A 8/80 Frederick St., Accrington
L344 Bramall William Dvr.

L031 Bramley Frederick (Fred) Gnr. A 50 Dale St., Accrington
L601 Bridge Herbert Chesters Gnr. B 142 Coal Clough Lane, Burnley
L253 Brierley Richard Horace Bdr.
59 Barden Lane, Burnley
L301 Brigden Arthur Dvr.

L082 Brindle George William Gnr. A 27 Earl St., Clayton-le-Moors
L332 Broadbent James Dvr. B 71 Chequers, Clayton-le-Moors
L032 Broadbent William John Cpl. A 5 Royds St. and/or 36 Robert Nuttall St., Accrington
L034 Broadley James Edward Dvr. A 54 Sultan St., Accrington
L160 Broadley James Harold Bdr. B 5a Bold St., Accrington

Broadley Harry Dvr. A 17 Corporation St., Accrington
L467 Brooks Herbert John Cpl.

L023 Brooks Thomas Sgt. B 37 Bank St., Accrington
L527 Brown Benjamin Dvr. AC 13 Spread Eagle St., Oswaldtwistle
L197 Brown Ernest A/Bdr. B 72 Westwood St., Accrington

Brown J. Gnr. B

Brown J. Gnr. A
L081 Brown James Dollimore Gnr. A
L597 Brown John Bdr. AC 11 Egypt Mount, Rawtenstall
L025 Brown Robert 2/Lt. B
L117 Buckley William Henry Gnr.

L083 Bulcock Thomas (Tom) Gnr. A 36 Willows Lane, Accrington
L780 Bullen James Gnr.
5 Bradshaw St., Accrington
L603 Bulley Walter Edwin Cpl. B
L420 Bullock Riley Dvr. B
L492 Bunn Fred Bdr. A
L211 Burrows Percy Harold Gnr.

L322 Bury George Cpl.
5 Duckett Terrace, Burnley
L480 Bush Alfred Dvr. B
L412 Butterworth Walter Dvr. B 16 Heywood St., Gt. Harwood
L747 Byron Joseph Bdr. B
L264 Calvert Charles Dvr. B

Candlish R. Gnr. AC
L768 Capstick William Frederick Gnr.
7 Warwick St., Burnley
T/1009 Carmalt Ernest William Staff Sgt.

L260 Carman John Dvr. B 16 Horne St., Accrington
L210 Carter William James Gnr. B
L721 Cass Thomas Philip Dvr. AC 51 Whalley Rd., Accrington
L190 Casson John James Gnr. B 15 Walmsley St., Church
L251 Catlow John Hector (Jack) Gnr.
209 Barden Lane, Burnley

Catterall Frederick

51 Dowry St., Accrington

Cawlinson J.W. Gnr. A
L423 Chadwick Frederick (Fred) Bdr. B Haslingden
L380 Chadwick John Allen Dvr. B

Chambers William Lt. D Elmwood, Rishton
L665 Chappells James Edward Cpl. AC 1 Hargreaves St., Accrington
L563 Charles Frederick Gnr.

L123 Charnley William Henry Dvr. A 245 Blackburn Rd., Accrington
L152 Charnock John T. Cpl. B 4 Grange St., Accrington
L178 Cherry Harry Gnr.
63 Thursby Rd., Burnley
L453 Choyce Sydney Walter Gnr. A 301 Whalley Rd., Clayton-le-Moors
L347 Clark Earl Bdr.

Clarke J. Gnr. A
L369 Clarke Joseph Dvr.
49 Hirst St., Burnley
L628 Clarkson Thomas Gnr. AC 37 Aitken St., Accrington
L759 Clayton George Cpl.
13 Carey St., Burnley
L465 Clayton Sam Dvr. A
L546 Clegg George Dvr.
2 Bartle St., Burnley
L295 Clegg Harry Gnr.
34 Devonshire Rd., Burnley
L633 Clegg Robert Dvr. AC 34 China St., Accrington
L110 Clegg William Gnr. A 91 Dale St., Accrington
L149 Clitheroe James Thomas Dvr. B 12 Poland St., Accrington
L746 Clough John Bdr. AC 86 Water St., Accrington
L426 Coad John A/Bdr.

L132 Coates John William Gnr. C 3 Pollard Row, Wheatley Lane, Burnley
L436 Cocker James Rigby Dvr.

L472 Cocker Wilfred B. A/Bdr.

L533 Coggins George Aloysius Lt. AC 2 Paradise Terrace, Blackburn
L252 Cole John Dvr. C 62 Red Lion St., Burnley
L257 Collinge Harry Cpl.
27 Richard St., Burnley
L194 Condry John Daniel Cpl. B 90 Henry St., Church
L458 Connelly Arthur Dvr. A Walmsley Lane, Oswaldtwistle
L141 Cook Ernest Gnr.
34 Carvour St., Burnley
L652 Cook Thomas S/smith B
L678 Cookson John Robert Bdr. A 16 Victoria St., Oswaldtwistle
L111 Cooper Arthur Alfred B.S.M. B 51 Devonshire St., Hulme
L727 Corlett Caesar Dvr. AC Haslingden
L784 Corner John S/Smith C Walk Mill, Cliviger
L728 Corney Harry Gnr. A
L629 Cosgrove Benjamin Alexander Dvr. AC 73 Wellington St., Accrington
L439 Cosgrove James Henry Dvr. B 97 Hodder St., Accrington
L769 Coupe Harry Gnr.
97 Parliament St., Burnley
L428 Courtier Thomas Gnr.

L058 Cowburn John William Gnr. A 70 Steiner St., Accrington
L217 Cowling Robert Gnr.
4 Dawson Square, Burnley
L225 Cragg John Sgt.

L389 Crawshaw Edward (Ted) Sgt. B 60 Ranger St., Accrington
L012 Creears David Helm Sgt. A

Crocker J.C. Capt. D
L166 Cropper Samuel Duncan Sgt. B 36 Highfield Terrace, Bacup
L475 Cross John Gnr. B 32 Hud Hey Rd., Haslingden
L704 Crossley Harry Gnr.
26 Anne St., Burnley
L482 Cuddy Thomas Dvr. B Haslingden
L498 Cunliffe James Gnr. A
L222 Cunliffe Robert Dvr.
7 Stock St., Burnley
L592 Cunneran Thomas Gnr. AC

Davenport W. Dvr. B
L481 Davison Edward Gnr. A
L337 Dean Harry Dvr. B
L011 Denbigh Ronald Gnr. A 14 Hope St., Accrington
L357 Devany Joseph Gnr.

L635 Devereaux John Hope Dvr. AC 47 Greaves St., Gt. Harwood
L053 Dewhurst George Gnr. A 14 South St., Accrington
L604 Dewhurst James Edward Gnr. A 45 Church St., Accrington
L144 Dilworth George Sgt.
15 Hobart St., Burnley
L760 Dixon Daniel Gnr. C 26 Hobart St., Burnley
L195 Dixon Edward Gnr. B Thorn Inn, St. James Road, Church
L208 Douthwaite William George Dvr. B 91 Hag Lane, Church
L143 Downham James Dvr.
Cop Row (Craven Heifer), Burnley
L080 Doxey George Cpl. A
L084 Doyle John Bdr.

L754 Draper Ernest Gnr. C 28 Tunnel St., Burnley
L591 Duckworth Charles Taylor Sgt. AC 160 Manchester Rd., Accrington

Duckworth F. Dvr. A
L698 Duckworth James Gnr. A 53 Nelson St., Accrington
L262 Duckworth John William Dvr. B Accrington
L696 Duckworth William Gnr. A
L356 Duerden Albert Gnr.

L514 Duerden Thomas Dvr.

L540 Dugdale Peter Gnr.

L035 Durkan Owen Dvr. A 19 Midland St., Accrington
L008 Dutton George Dvr. A
L277 Duxbury Benjamin Sgt.

L517 Duxbury Leonard Dvr.

L419 Earnshaw Arthur Dvr.
79 Anne St., Burnley
L269 Eastham Ellis Gnr.
13 Swainbank St., Burnley
L627 Eastham George Gnr. A 467 Blackburn Rd., Oswaldtwistle
L536 Eastwood Fred Gnr. AC 226 Old Row, Rawtenstall
L524 Eastwood George R. Dvr.

L655 Ebbs Albert Gnr. B
L653 Ebbs George Gnr. B
L302 Ebbs Richard Dvr.

L054 Eddleston Joseph (Joe) Dvr. A 5 Hill St., Oswaldtwistle
L028 Eddleston Richard Gnr. A 21 Hill St. and/or 64 Paxton St., Accrington
L170 Eddleston Wilfred Dvr. B Pearl St., Accrington
L502 Edge Herbert Gnr.
146 Hollingrove Rd., Burnley
L579 Edmondson Allan B.Q.M.S.

L212 Edwards Albert Gnr.

L029 Eglin Joseph Dvr. A 15 Blackpool St., Church
L326 Eidson George Harold Dvr.
22 Robinson St., Burnley
L116 Ellis Edward Dvr. A 252 Water St., Accrington
L331 Elton Edward A/Bdr. B 22 Nuttall St., Accrington
L403 Entwistle George Cpl. B 1 Parkinson St., Haslingden

Entwistle R. Gnr. AC
L634 Entwistle Thomas S/smith

L505 Evans William Dvr.

L229 Farnworth J. Dvr. D
L679 Farrer Henry John Gnr.

Fawcett Percy Harrison Lt.-Col. HQ
L511 Feeley John Dvr.
10 Thursfield Rd., Burnley
L640 Fell James Horace Gnr. B
L520 Felton John Dvr.
9 Ash St., Burnley
L660 Fenn William Gnr. C 2 Back Clay St., Burnley
L274 Fielden David Dvr.

L455 Fielding Frederick Gnr. B
L240 Fielding William A/Bdr.

L749 Fitton Leonard Gnr.

L422 Fitton Thomas Dvr. B
L201 Flannigan Thomas H. Gnr. B 11 Cross St., Accrington

Foley W.H. Dvr. B
L355 Ford Fred Sgt.

L444 Forshaw John William Gnr. A
L598 Foster Jesse Sgt.

L186 Foster William Nixon Gnr. B
L346 Frear Harry Gnr.


L744 Gardiner John Gnr. B
L452 Garth Harry Gnr. B 5 Augusta St., Accrington
L775 Garth Matthew Gnr. B 15 Sackville St., Burnley
L670 Gavin Emanuel Bdr.

L074 George John Henry Dvr. A 3 Albert St., Accrington

Gerrard G. Dvr. A
L457 Gerrard Thomas Dvr. A 91 Spring St., Rishton
L602 Gibson George Sgt.
1 Austin St., Burnley
L708 Gilbertson Thomas Dvr. AC
L368 Gilchrist James Dvr.
35 Florence St., Burnley
L750 Gill John Hargreaves Dvr.

L694 Gillibrand Harold Lindon Gnr. AC
L221 Gilmartin Thomas (Junior) Dvr.
10 Peter St., Burnley
L007 Glover William Gnr. A
L045 Goddard Charles William Dvr. A 82 Tower St., Oswaldtwistle
L606 Goff Frank Gnr. A
L185 Gorton Robert Dvr. B 23 Argyle St., Accrington
L658 Gorton Roger Gnr. AC 4 School St., Gt. Harwood
L722 Goulden James Gnr. AC Church and Oswaldtwistle
L215 Gowers Alfred Dvr.
41 Duke St., Burnley
L223 Gowers Herbert Dvr.
45 Branch Rd., Burnley
L103 Graham Arthur William Dvr. A 48 Tremellen St., Accrington
L363 Graham Thomas Gnr.
25 Anne St., Burnley

Gray Harold Capt. A 242 Burnley Road, Accrington
L468 Greasley Samuel Sig.

L248 Greaves Thomas Gnr. B 43 Hyndburn Road, Accrington
L048 Greaves William Dvr. A
L548 Green Richard Holt Gnr.
66 Queensbury Rd., Burnley
L039 Greenwood Arnold Sgt. A 12 Frederick St., Accrington
L330 Greenwood Edward Dvr.

L013 Greenwood Richard Sgt. A
L228 Greenwood William Crossley Sgt.
L376 Gregson Harold A/Bdr. B Hapton Hall Farm
L582 Griffiths Edmund Bdr. A 47 Tremellen St., Accrington
L263 Grime James Robinson Dvr. B 10 Adelaide St., Accrington
L766 Grimshaw Albert Gnr.

L397 Grimshaw Gilbert 2/Lt. B Hoarstones Cottage, Fence
L310 Grimshaw Joseph Gnr. B
L276 Grimshaw William B.Q.M.S.
18 Stanworth St., Burnley
L108 Grundy Robert Henry Cpl. A 63 Lion St., Church
L442 Guy George Thomas Cpl. B 37 Earl St., Clayton-le-Moors
L464 Hall John Gnr. A 37 Walmsley St., Church
L247 Hall Thomas Dvr. B 29 Tontine St., Blackburn
L042 Hallworth Charles Finsley Dvr. A 70 Ormerod St., Accrington
L285 Halstead Albert Dvr.

L424 Halstead Alfred Gnr.

L575 Hamer James Dvr.

L399 Hamer James Greenwood Sgt.
112 Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley
L478 Hargreaves Archer Dvr. B
L244 Hargreaves James Thomas Gnr.

L529 Hargreaves John Bdr. AC 15 Spread Eagle St., Oswaldtwistle
L487 Hargreaves John Dvr. A

Harker J. Gnr. A
L605 Harling Charles Edward Gnr. B 14 Pendle St., Accrington
L689 Harrison Herbert A/Bdr.
21 Rochester St., Burnley
L238 Harrison William Sgt. C 4 Pilling Street, Burnley
L086 Hartley Arthur Far.Sgt. A 21 Barnes St., Clayton-le-Moors
L417 Hartley Averil Gnr.

L506 Hartley Henry Gnr.

L094 Hartley Horatio Dvr.
95 Branch Rd.., Burnley
L547 Hartley Joseph Gnr.
80 Broughton St., Burnley
L631 Hartley Robert Dvr. A
L418 Hartley Samuel Cpl.

L513 Hartley Thomas Henry Gnr.

L666 Harvey George Gnr. AC 40 Bank St., Accrington

Harwood Edmund Mills Capt. B

Harwood Frank Lt. B
L099 Harwood John Richard Gnr. A Whalley Ho., Whalley Rd., Accrington
L573 Hawkins Robinson Gnr. AC 5 Holland St., Accrington
L571 Hawley Percy W. Gnr. AC Church and Oswaldtwistle
L407 Haworth Arthur Bdr. B 23 Willows Lane, Accrington
L725 Haworth Edward Gnr. A 31 Nelson St., Accrington
L486 Haworth George Dvr. B
L553 Haworth James Gnr.
19 Waterbarn St., Burnley
L491 Haworth Miles Dvr. AC
L372 Haworth Richard (Dick) Dvr. B Oswaldtwistle

Haworth W. Gnr. AC
L440 Haworth Walter Dvr. B 105 Plantation St., Accrington
L410 Hayes John Henry Gnr. B 21 John St., Clayton-le-Moors
L298 Haygarth James William Dvr. B 2 Bradshaw St., Church
L692 Hazell John Cpl. AC
L340 Healey Henry Dvr.
15 Bradley St., Burnley
L227 Heap Alfred A/Bdr.

L526 Heap Christopher Dvr. AC 41 Sharples St., Accrington
L674 Heap George Dvr.
18 Todmorden Rd., Burnley
L336 Heap James Thomas Dvr. B
L390 Henderson Robert Bdr. B 49 Ranger St., Accrington
L373 Hey(s) John A/Bdr. B
L743 Heys John Henry Gnr. B 28 Holland St., Accrington
L625 Higgin Robert Cpl. B 103 Oswald St., Accrington
L495 Hill Harry Cpl. A 51 Sharples St., Accrington
L550 Hill Henry Dvr.

L148 Hilton Roger Gnr. B 9 Oswald St., Church
L133 Hindle Emanuel Gnr.

L018 Hirst Epaphias Sgt. A 25 Milton St., Oswaldtwistle
L528 Hirst James Gnr. AC Church and Oswaldtwistle
L370 Hodgkinson Frederick Gnr. B
L305 Hodgson James Gnr. B
L485 Hodson Edwin S/smith

Hogan Michael Sgt. AC 125 Richmond St., Accrington
L021 Hogan Michael Bdr. A 71 Grange St., Accrington
L335 Holden Fred Dvr. B
L142 Holden John Albion A/Bdr.
29 Camp St., Burnley
L772 Holden Ralph Dvr.

L068 Holden Robert Aloysius Gnr. A
L189 Hollin Harry Sgt. B 11 Lancaster St., Church
L140 Holt Fred Bdr.
42 Cleaver St, Burnley
L718 Horn William Douglas Gordon A/Sgt. A 4 Allsprings Drive, Gt. Harwood
L519 Horner George Robert Gnr. D 5 Carey St., Burnley
L724 Horner Joseph Dvr. AC 39 Claret St., Accrington
L568 Horrocks Gilbert Gnr. AC
L497 Horsefield George Henry Dvr. B
L306 Houston Hugh Crouch Dvr. B 10 King St., Church

Howarth Edward Gnr. A
L237 Howarth Fred Gnr. AC 8 Dial St., Burnley
L078 Howarth Herbert Dvr. A 15 Willow St., Clayton-le-Moors
L676 Howarth William Thomas Gnr.
10 Willow St., Burnley
L354 Howker Leonard Gnr.

L114 Hoyle Albert Gnr. A 116 Avenue Parade, Accrington
L015 Hoyle Arthur Cpl. A
L509 Hoyle Edward Dvr.
47 Haslam St., Burnley

Hoyle J. Gnr. A

Hudson E. Gnr. A
L559 Hughes John Gladstone Sgt. AC 21 Empress St., Accrington

Hughes-Gibb Charles Pomeroy Capt. B Foxley, Reading
L164 Hulme Arthur Frederick Bdr. B 360 Blackburn Rd., Accrington

Hulme C. Dvr. B
L404 Hutton Clarence Gnr. B
L146 Ibbotson Samuel John Dvr.
10 Sunderland St., Burnley
L774 Ingham Edgar Constance Gnr.
41 Railway St., Nelson
L203 Ingham John Robert Dvr. AC 25/28 King St., Accrington
L712 Jackson Daniel Dvr.
86 Oxford Rd., Burnley

Jackson G.M. Lt. HQ
L530 Jackson Herbert Wakelin Dvr. AC 28 Russell Place, Gt. Harwood
L381 Jackson James Cpl. AC 152 Richmond Hill St., Accrington

Jackson Reginald Lt. A Nelson
L287 Jackson Thomas Dvr.

L643 Jackson Thomas William Sgt.

L636 Johnson John (Jack) Herbert Dvr. AC 22 Victoria St., Church
L471 Johnson Richard Gnr. D 37 Rook St., Colne
L702 Johnson Thomas (Tom) Dvr. AC 31 Commercial Street, Church
L587 Johnson Walter Gnr. AC 122 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle

Jones F. Dvr. B
L541 Jones Thomas Henry Dvr.
30 Russell St., Burnley
L557 Kavanagh William Gnr. AC 9 William St., Accrington
L456 Kay Ralph Dvr. A
L637 Kelly Peter Dvr. AC 30 King St., Burnley
L713 Kenniford William Dvr.
22 Anne St., Burnley
L112 Kenyon Emmanuel Gnr. A 3 off Duncan Square, Oswaldtwistle
L017 Kenyon Walter Gnr. A
L134 Keogh John William Gnr.

L296 Kidd Charles Anton Cpl.
119 Abel St., Burnley
L280 Kidd Harold Anton Dvr.

L159 Kiely John Gnr. B 28/116 Dale St., Accrington
L555 King William Gnr. AC
L041 Kirk Robert Frazer Gnr. A 12 Park St., Accrington
L685 Kirk William James Dvr. AC
L069 Kirkham Andrew William Bdr. A 37 Stevenson St. East, Accrington
L641 Knowles John Gnr. B 42 Albert St., Lytham
L490 Knowles Tom Gnr. A 744 Padiham Rd., Burnley
L723 Knox William Gnr. A
L137 Lake William W.O. I
General Campbell Hotel, Burnley
L040 Lang Edward Sgt. A 32 Charter St. and/or 10 Crossland St., Accrington
L734 Langham James Arthur Bdr.

L680 Law Fred Gnr.
14 Hurtley St., Burnley
L182 Law Herbert Dvr. AC 542 Market St., Troughgate, Bacup

Law T. Cpl. AC
L701 Laycock John Cpl.
37 Eliza St., Burnley
L097 Layfield Barker Dvr. A 32 Blannel St., Burnley

Leach J.R. Gnr. A
L158 Lee William Gnr. B
L385 Leeming James Dvr. AC
2934 Lesseman George William B.S.M.

L055 Lewis Walter Gnr. A 13 William St., Accrington
L613 Lister Thomas Cpl.

L782 Livesey William Gnr.

L102 Lomax Jeffery Gnr. A 29 York St., Church
L443 Long George Gnr. A
L343 Lord John (Jack) Gnr. A
L179 Lord Neville Dvr.

L066 Macdonald Robert Dvr. A 100 Clement St., Accrington
L151 Male Arthur Sgt.

40277 Mallinson George B.S.M.

L558 Malone John Gnr. AC 8 Craven St., Accrington
L763 Margerison Albert Gnr.

L268 Marr Thomas A/Bdr.
26 Bedford St., Burnley
L364 Marsden James Dvr. C 61 Burnley Rd., Harle Syke
L187 Marsden Robert Gnr. B Accrington
L581 Marshall William (Willie) Gnr.
13 Harley St., Burnley
L206 Mason James Bdr. B 5 Newthorn, Oswaldtwistle


L762 McAleese Patrick Gnr.
16 Cavour St., Burnley
L319 McNulty William Dvr.
80 Towneley St., Burnley
L120 Medforth John William A/Bdr.

Mercer Robert Lt. C Highbury, Park Lane, Gt. Harwood
L283 Mercer James Gnr.

L430 Metcalfe James Sager Gnr.
4 Hawk St., Burnley
L429 Mills Harold Gnr.
1 Villers St., Burnley
L406 Monk Reuben Cpl. B 9 Park Road, Gt. Harwood
L572 Moore Fred 2/Lt. AC Oak Bank, Manchester Rd., Accrington
L173 Moore John Dvr. C 100 Cog Lane, Burnley
L638 Moores James Brindle Dvr. AC 6 High St., Oswaldtwistle
L690 Morcombe George A/Bdr.

L323 Morgan Henry (Harry) Bdr.
L773 Morris Charles Edward Bdr.

L697 Morris Harold Gnr. AC
L349 Morris James Gnr.

L105 Morris James Frederick Gnr. A Accrington
L448 Moss Charles Ernest Gnr. B 25 Swiss St., Accrington
L450 Moxham James Dvr. A 47 Stevenson St. East, Accrington
L056 Munns John Henry Dvr. A 34 Spring St., Accrington
L106 Munroe Richard Sgt. B
L348 Murgatroyd Richard Gnr. D 156 Colne Rd., Brierfield
L188 Neal John Henry Farr. Sgt. AC 6 Countess St., Accrington
L185 Neale Frank J.

35 St. Cecilia St., Gt. Harwood
L220 Nelson Matthew Bdr.

L726 Newton Joseph Gnr. A 28 Russia St., Accrington
L474 Nicholls Fred L/Bdr.

Nuttall Harry

L233 Nutter Reginald Gnr.

L316 O’Donoghue Fred Dvr.
98 Coalclough Lane, Burnley
L046 O'Brien John Dvr. A 15 South St., Accrington
L126 O'Brien John Gnr. A 23/34 Cedar St., Accrington
L781 O'Brien John Gnr.
59 Dale St., Accrington
L574 O'Connor Peter Sdlr. AC 36 Holland St., Accrington
L024 Oldham Henry Gnr. A 49 Hyndburn Rd., Accrington
L642 Oldham Herbert Dvr. AC 54 Henry St., Church
L752 O'Malley Thomas Gnr.

L304 Ormerod Harry A/Sgt.
101 Brunshaw Rd., Burnley
L049 Ormerod Henry Dvr. A 56 Westwood St., Accrington
L705 Ormerod Walter Gnr.

L593 O'Shea John William Gnr. AC 16 Swan St., Halifax
L241 Overton John Dvr.

L463 Palmer William Dvr. B 25 Crawshaw St., Accrington
L438 Palmer Ernest Dvr. AC
L710 Parker Henry Gnr. AC 3 Chapel St., Accrington
L776 Parker John William Gnr.
16 Ashfield Rd., Burnley
L594 Parker Leonard Bdr.

L562 Parkinson Isaac Bdr.
8 Dall St., Burnley
L515 Parkinson John Dvr.

L488 Parkinson Matthew Bdr. B
L284 Parkinson Thomas (Tom) Bdr.
11 Granville St., Burnley
L427 Parkinson Thomas Dvr.
17 Royal St., Burnley
L333 Parmley Herbert Dvr. B
L118 Parr William Dvr.
61 Cog Lane, Burnley
L266 Parrott Ben Dvr.

L281 Partridge Arthur Gnr.

L740 Pate Robert Dvr. D 20 Hawk St., Burnley
L700 Payne Harold Gnr. D 22 Temple St., Burnley

Pearson Harold Aubrey 2/Lt. C
L523 Peel John Herbert Dvr.

L379 Perkins Walter or William Dvr. AC 65 Lister St., Accrington
L109 Phethean Herbert Dvr. AC
L552 Phillips John Robert A/Bdr. D 69 Elm St., Burnley
L171 Philpott Noel Victor Dvr. AC 20 Lord St., Oswaldtwistle
L062 Pickles Albert A/Bdr. B 103 Curzon St., Burnley
L732 Pickles John Sgt.

L435 Pickup Albert Gnr.

L477 Pickup Thomas Gnr. A 319 Blackburn Rd., Haslingden
L315 Pierce John Thomas Dvr.
6 Gresham Place, Burnley
L242 Pilkington Edward Dvr.
51 Padiham St., Burnley
L588 Pilkington John Edward Dvr. AC 8 Hoyle Bottom, Oswaldtwistle
L671 Pilling Smith Gnr. A 1 St. Lawrence St., Gt. Harwood
L181 Pinder William Gnr.
28 Hebrew Rd., Burnley

Plater W. 2/Lt. B
L064 Platt John W.O.II

L659 Platt Bridgman Sgt. AC
L219 Pollard James Arthur Gnr.
6 Whittlefield St., Burnley
L735 Porter Henry Dvr.
13 Sefton Terrace, Burnley
L161 Porter Thomas Simpson Gnr. B 72 Market St., Church
L091 Pound John Henry Dvr.
35 Harling St., Burnley
L175 Powell Edward Sgt.
22 Moore St., Burnley
L622 Prescott Thomas Gnr. AC


L421 Priestley Yates Dvr. AC
L620 Proctor John Gnr. AC 10 Edmundson St., Church
L292 Purcell Alfred Bromley Dvr. B
L720 Quirk Richard Stephen A/Bdr. AC
L714 Radcliffe Thomas Dvr. D 35 Padiham Rd., Burnley
L656 Ralph Tom Walmsley Gnr.
14 Holton St., Burnley
L522 Ramsay Norman G. Bdr. AC
L098 Rawcliffe Milton Livesey Cpl. A 11 White Ash Lane, Oswaldtwistle
L196 Rawcliffe Walter Henry Gnr. B 11 White Ash Lane, Oswaldtwistle
L145 Rawson Herbert Edward Bdr.
39 Ducket St., Burnley
L230 Rayner Albert Sgt.
L345 Read James Dvr.

L131 Redfe(a)rn Henry (Harry) Dvr.
10 Admiral St., Burnley
L163 Reeder Charles Edward Cpl. B 23 Barnes St., Church
L104 Reeder Robert Bdr. A 44 Roe Greave Rd., Oswaldtwistle
L716 Regan Peter Dvr. AC 26 Jacob St., Accrington
L691 Reid Frederick Gnr. AC 5 Higher Gate, Huncoat

Renham Harry Capt. HQ 113 Whalley Rd., Accrington
L489 Renshaw Charles Peter Gnr. A 8 Brown St., Accrington
L309 Renshaw Walter Dvr. AC 7 Spring St., Accrington or 2 Barlow Row, Oswaldtwistle

Revens R. Dvr. A
L626 Rhodes Joseph Henry Cpl. A

Rice Thomas Wilde Capt. B 2 Plymouth Grove, Eaves Lane, Chorley
L425 Richardson Harry Spencer Dvr.
83 Anne St., Burnley
L204 Richardson John A/Sgt. AC 56 Lion St., Church
L525 Richmond William B.Q.M.S. AC 9 Marlborough St., Accrington
L709 Rigby Henry Gnr. AC 38 St. James' St., Accrington
L147 Riley Harold Sgt. A 23 Haslam St., Burnley
L278 Riley Harold (Harry) Gnr.
71 Grey St., Burnley
L245 Riley Harry Cpl.
45 Harold St., Burnley
L067 Riley James Edmund Dvr. A 50 Lime St., Accrington
L312 Riley Joseph Henry Gnr.

L129 Riley Reuben A/Bdr. A

Riley S. Dvr. AC

Riley Thomas Capt. C Brown Hill, Burnley
L693 Rimmer Thomas Gnr. AC 433 Blackburn Road, Accrington
L127 Rishton Joshua Dvr. A 20 Devonshire St., Accrington
L531 Robinson Frederick (Fred) Dvr. AC 135 Church St., Gt. Harwood
L235 Robinson Harry Gnr.
2 Merles St., Burnley
L706 Robinson John Cpl.
23 Belgrave St., Burnley
L327 Robinson John Dvr.

L088 Robinson Matthew Gnr. A
L318 Robinson William Gnr. B 25 Devonshire St., Accrington
L387 Rock James Bdr. B 17 Walter St., Accrington
L153 Rodgers George Henry Gnr.

L667 Rogerson John Henry Far. S/Sgt. B 49 Chequers, Clayton-le-Moors
L393 Rooks John Cpl. B 17 Peter St., Accrington
L483 Rothwell Frederick Bdr. A Haslingden
L005 Rourke Bernard Dvr. A 11 Albert St., Oswaldtwistle and/or 5 Gordon St., Church
L416 Rowley Ronald Cpl.

L612 Royston Charles Stewart Sgt. B Accrington
L010 Royston John Stewart Sgt. A 16 Adelaide St., Accrington
L308 Rucastle William Gnr. B
L639 Rushton Edward Gnr. AC 15 Albert St., Clayton-le-Moors
L535 Rushton Harry Dvr. AC 13 Hazel St., Rising Bridge
L494 Rushton Walter Gnr. B 46 Richmond St., Accrington
L026 Ryan William A/Bdr. A 99 Dale St., Accrington
L255 Rycroft Rennie Hargreaves Gnr.

L657 Ryder Arthur Gnr. AC 51 Beaconsfield St., Gt. Harwood
L668 Sagar Albert Edward Gnr.

L249 Sagar Harry A/Cpl.

Sampson Thomas Henry

49 Hollingreave Rd., Burnley

Scambler John Robert Irving Lt. HQ
18839 Schulen Frank B.Q.M.S.

L431 Scorah Charles William Bdr. D 33 Plover St., Burnley
L739 Scott Walter A/Cpl.
108 Trafalgar St., Burnley

Sefton T.T. Gnr. B
L630 Sellers James Edward Gnr. A 26 Melbourne St., Clayton-le-Moors
L669 Shackleton Frank Gnr.
Royal Lodge, 8 Holme Rd., Burnley
L154 Sharples William Gnr. B
L265 Shaw Harold Gnr. B 9 Commercial St., Church
L288 Short John Gnr.
32 Hufling Lane, Burnley
L121 Silver George Edward Q.M.S. AC
L076 Simmons George Ormerod Dvr. A
L174 Simpson Ernest Gnr. C 65 March St., Burnley
L585 Simpson William Gnr.
45 Clifton St., Burnley
L560 Skeets George John Sgt. AC 27 Willows Lane, Accrington
L543 Slack Thomas Petty Gnr.
26 Leyland Rd., Burnley


L001 Slinger George Nicholas 2/Lt. C Ellerbeck, Hollins Lane, Accrington

Smalley J. Gnr. A


L216 Smith Gilbert A/Bdr.
8 Cobden St., Burnley
L289 Smith Harold Gnr.

Smith J. Trump. AC
L415 Smith James Gnr. D 17 Francis St., Burnley
L688 Smith Joe Gnr. AC 45 Audley Lane, Blackburn
L176 Smith John Dvr. C 23 Pheasantford St., Burnley
L339 Smith John A/Bdr.
80 Hudrake, Haslingden
L532 Smith John Corbishley Dvr. AC 30 Larkhill Terrace, Blackburn
L303 Smith John James Dvr.
1 Palm Street, Burnley
L731 Smith Walter A/Cpl.
18 Marsden Rd., Burnley
L250 Smith Willie Dvr.

L199 Smithies Richard Sgt. B 17 Bradshaw St. West, Accrington
L192 Smithies Richard West Dvr. AC 62 Ranger St., Accrington
L707 South Thomas Dvr. AC 51 Eddleston St., Accrington
L516 Southworth Walter Dvr. C 17 Eastham St., Burnley

Spedding R.V. Gnr. AC
L236 Spencer Albert Gnr.
160 Gannow Lane, Burnley
L741 Spencer Frank Gnr.
67 March St., Burnley
L139 Spencer William Gnr.
4 Laycock St, Burnley

Staff W. Gnr. B
L169 Stanley Herbert Dvr. AC 81 West View, Clitheroe
L290 Stansfield William Henry Dvr.

L273 Stansfield Clarence

21 White Bull St., Burnley
L437 Starkie Francis Dvr.

L267 Stephenson Joseph Dvr.

L577 Stezaker Richard Dvr.
12 Green St., Burnley
L445 Stother Joseph Gnr. A 2 Mill St., Baxenden
L645 Stott Rowland Bdr. A 59 Richmond Hill St., Accrington
L128 Stuart William Dvr. A 11 Elm St., Blackburn
L307 Sudall Harold Dvr. AC 1 Oak St., Accrington
L377 Sullivan James Dvr. AC 12 Dineley St., Church

Sutcliffe H. Dvr. A
L664 Sutcliffe Herbert Gnr. AC 79 Burnley Rd., Accrington
L198 Sutcliffe Rupert Gnr. B 75 Abbey Street, Accrington
L745 Swan Albert James Cpl. Whlr. A
L002 Swindells James Dvr. A
L476 Tasker Harold Gnr. A
L684 Tasker Thomas Gnr. AC
L499 Tattersall Dionysius Dvr. A
L338 Tattersall Harry Cpl. B
L586 Tattersall John Cpl. AC Nelson
L125 Taylor Aaron Dvr. A 48 Dale St., Accrington
L663 Taylor Harold Bdr.
17 Hollin Hill, Burnley
L619 Taylor Henry A/Bdr. AC 70 Dover Street, Blackley
L184 Taylor Henry Yates Bdr. AC School House, Stanhill
L089 Taylor Richard Sgt. A 14 Saint Paul's St., Oswaldtwistle
L454 Taylor Robert Gnr. A 20 Maple St., Clayton-le-Moors
L334 Taylor Samuel Gnr. B 15 Garbett St., Accrington
L378 Taylor Thomas Gnr. AC 22 Dineley St., Church
L500 Taylor Thomas Dvr. AC 14 Plant St., Oswaldtwistle
L596 Taylor William Edward Gnr. AC 119 New Lane, Oswaldtwistle
L677 Thomas Arthur Horner A/Bdr. D 20 Moseley Rd., Burnley
L095 Thomas Frederick Dvr.
21 Whittlefield St., Burnley
L130 Thomas John Gnr. A 47 St. Lawrence St., Gt. Harwood
L214 Thomas John Bdr. A 21 Whittlefield St., Burnley
L777 Thompson Joseph Dvr. AC 44 Church St., Accrington
L730 Thornton Walter Dvr.

L207 Thorpe Hugh Dvr. AC
L314 Thwaites Robert Dvr.

L209 Tipping Joseph Cpl. B 14/16 George St., Church
L542 Tipping Richard Gnr.

L043 Todd Henry Dvr. AC 66 Steiner St., Accrington

Tomlinson Nicholas Lt. AC
L493 Tomlinson Fred Cpl. B 6 Mansion St., Accrington
L367 Towers James Dvr.

L521 Town Charles Herbert Gnr.

L226 Townson Francis James Cpl.

L462 Townson Henry Dvr. A
L383 Travis Thomas Henry E. Gnr.
Inglewood, Colne
L580 Trigg Henry Gnr.

L432 Troy James Dvr. D 49 March St., Burnley
L218 Trumper Herbert Gnr.

L079 Turner Frank Gnr. A 33 Victoria St., Clayton-le-Moors
L063 Turner Thomas Crowther Lt. AC 28 Howe St., Burnley
L061 Turton Walter Henry Dvr.

L168 Unsworth William Gnr. AC 32 Walmsley St., Church
L751 Unsworth William Gnr. D 7 Aighburth St., Burnley
L059 Varley William Gnr. A 41 Lonsdale St., Accrington
L279 Vause William Dvr.

L313 Vercoe Edgar Dvr.
49 Albion St., Burnley
L719 Vickers Rowland Gnr. AC
L259 Waddington Frederick (Fred) Dvr.
35 Francis St., Burnley
L293 Wade Jonathan Gnr. B 2 back Mount Pleasant St., Oswaldtwistle


L100 Walkden Norman Dvr. AC 306 Blackburn Road, Accrington
L578 Walker Harold Gnr.
64 Helena St., Burnley
L632 Walker Henry James Bdr. B 21 Victoria St., Accrington

Walker W. Lt. HQ
L783 Walker William Gnr. B 8 Bridgefield St., Hapton
L050 Wallwork George Cpl. A 74 Manchester Rd., Accrington
L205 Walsh Ernest Dvr. AC 112 Henry St., Church
L060 Walsh Jacob Dvr. C 37 Bog Lane, Burnley
L014 Walsh John Gnr. AC 24 Grange St., Accrington
L400 Walsh John William Dvr.
79 Cog Lane, Burnley
L451 Walsh Peter Gnr. B 22 Victoria St., Accrington

Walton R. H.

L037 Walton Robert Allan Sgt. A 3 Parsonage St., Church
L779 Warburton William Thomas Dvr.

Ward A.E. Dvr. AC Church and Oswaldtwistle
L610 Ward Herbert Edward Gnr. B 95 Travis St., Burnley
L609 Ward Walter Dvr. AC
L681 Wardle John Thomas Gnr. B
L286 Watson Clarence Bdr.
11 Perth St., Burnley
L261 Watson George Cpl. B 139 Avenue Parade, Accrington
L737 Watson George Gnr. C 37 Cog Lane, Burnley

Webster Gordon Lt. AC
L384 Webster Henry Dvr. C 26 Sharples St., Accrington
L409 Webster Wilfred Sgt. AC 26 Sharples St., Accrington
L115 Wells William Gilbert Sglr. A 11 Barnfield St., Accrington
L258 Welsh James Arthur Dvr.
10 Shale St., Burnley
L057 West Alfred Dvr. B 14 Moore St., Accrington
L087 West George William Gnr. A
L016 Westall Benjamin Gnr. A 19 Cecil St., Oswaldtwistle
L459 Westwell Albert Dvr. AC 190 Bolt St., Accrington
L375 Westwell Herbert Dvr. B
L073 Whalley Robert Swain Dvr. AC
L687 Whitaker John Taylor Gnr.
17 Brooklands Rd., Burnley
L033 White Arthur James Sgt. A 35 Pitt St., Accrington
L534 White Frank George Sdlr. AC 86 Dowry St., Accrington
L270 White William Charles Dvr.
3 High St., Burnley
L388 White William Frank Gnr. B 19 Robert St., Accrington
L408 Whiteley Arthur Dvr. AC 32 Westwood St., Accrington
L650 Whitell William Gnr. AC 13 Grange St., Burnley
L608 Whitham Hubert Sdlr.
32 Mile St., Burnley

Whittaker W. Dvr. AC
L374 Whittam Atkinson Gnr. B 339 Whalley Rd., Clayton-le-Moors
L391 Whittam Dixon Gnr. B 12 Melbourne St., Clayton-le-Moors
L072 Wilkinson Arthur Dvr. AC 154 Manchester Road, Accrington
L071 Wilkinson Christopher Dvr. AC
L402 Wilkinson James A/Bdr. B Bacup
L538 Wilkinson James Thomas Dvr. AC 457 Manchester Rd., Accrington
L027 Wilkinson John Charles Dvr. AC 11 King St., Accrington

Wilkinson John Frederick Moore Maj. AC
L165 Wilkinson Joseph Gnr. B 19 Paghouse Lane, Haslingden

Sgt.Mjr. A
L300 Wills Albert Dvr.
7 Arthur St., Burnley
L294 Wills Wilfred A/Bdr.
4 Pritchard St., Burnley
L589 Wilson Charles Edward Gnr. AC 26 Craven St., Accrington

Wilson D. A/Bdr. B
L695 Wilson Dennis Gnr. AC 69 Henry St., Clayton-le-Moors
L246 Wilson Joseph Dvr. AC
L009 Wilson Robert Gnr. A 11 Edward St., Church
L661 Wood Eric Pearson Bdr. AC
L070 Wood Leslie Wynne Dvr. A 192 Burnley Rd., Accrington
L715 Wood Peter Dvr. C 20 Wilton St., Burnley
L036 Wood Thomas Dvr. AC 19 Russia St., Accrington
L052 Woodhead Thomas Gnr. A 16 Ellison St., Accrington
L352 Woods Luke Dvr. D 2 Wenning St., Nelson
L392 Woods William Dvr. AC 18 Hodgson St., Oswaldtwistle

Worsley David Rostron Capt. D 18 Elms Avenue, Lytham
L411 Wright George Cpl. B
L590 Wright George Holbrey Gnr. AC 6 Catlow Hall St., Oswaldtwistle
L748 Wright John A/Sgt. B
L618 Wright John Gnr. AC 16 Persia St., Accrington
L414 Wrigley Walter Gnr.
5 Granby St., Burnley
L651 Wroe Fred Dvr. AC
L611 Yates Bertie Gnr. AC Oswaldtwistle
L646 Yates Richard (Dick) Gnr. A 15 Wesley St., Accrington
L101 Yates William Sgt. AC
L446 Young Walter Gnr. A 88 Tower St., Oswaldtwistle

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