Title - The Pals March
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The music on this page has the title 'The "Pals" March' and was composed by Ralph Sanders in 1914. Here is a shortened rendition by Ian McGuinness of the East Lancashire Concert Band. Then named 'Accrington Old Band', in September 1914 they led one of the first parades of the newly recruited Pals Battalion.

A copy of the score is held in the William Turner Pals Collection at Accrington Public Library. Please contact if you can help with information about either the composer or the composition.

A recording of an arrangement of 'The "Pals" March' for the East Lancashire Concert Band can be found on YouTube.

News: A proposal has been made by Ian McGuinness to commission a new piece of music to commemorate all the Pals battalions. As creator and owner of the Accrington Pals website and author of a new history of the Accrington Pals and the Accrington & Burnley Howitzer Brigade, I am glad to offer my support to the proposal.
Andrew C Jackson, March 2013

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