Panorama of the Ayette battlefield

The panorama is centered close to where 2/Lt. Horsfall's platoon fought to hold the ridge on 27th March 1918. The opening view is along the track leading north-west, the parked car being at the intersection of the track with the Ayette-Courcelles road. Panning to the right, the view is of the ground over which the German 16th Bavarian Division attacked. The first woods to come into view in the near distance hide the village of Courcelles-le-Comte, the church spire of which can just be glimpsed above the trees. Further to the right, beyond the telegraph pole, the Bois de Logeast can be seen in the far distance. As the direction of view moves to the south-west towards the village of Ablainzevelle, the track follows the forward line held by the 11th East Lancashires. Just before reaching the last, close-to set of trees, the outline of Ayette can be seen in the distance.

© Andrew C Jackson 2019

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