Panorama of the Serre Battlefield

The panorama opens with the view from the south-east edge of Queens Cemetery, looking north towards where the British front line ran between Mark Copse and Luke Copse. Panning to the right, Luke Copse Cemetery stands near the far end of the trees that extend over Mark, Luke and John Copses. The panorama then traverses the No Man's Land over which the Accrington and Sheffield battalions attacked, before moving across the German lines to where trees on the hill-crest mark the location of Serre village. To the right of Serre, the open ground is that which faced the Accrington Pals as they advanced across No Man's Land up the slope towards the German lines. The leading edge of the next copse marks where the German front line fell away over the crest of the hill. Immediately to the right of the copse, a more distant line of trees stands in front of the German positions opposite 93rd Brigade. A little further over, the Cross of Sacrifice in Serre Road Cemetery No. 3 stands close to the British front line. The panorama then crosses the open country behind the British lines, with La Signy Farm visible on the crest beyond the site of Matthew Copse. As Queens Cemetery comes again into view, the entrance to Sheffield Memorial Park can be seen at the edge of the line of trees.

The car at the left-hand edge of Sheffield Memorial Park is not ours, and I would discourage anyone from attempting to drive up the track from the Serre-Mailly road which should be left free for the use of the local farmer.

© Andrew C Jackson 2019

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