Title - Accrington WW1 Prisoners of War

On 6th January and 24th February 1919, the Accrington Prisoners of War Committee organized events to celebrate the return from camps in Germany of more than 280 men of Accrington, Church, Oswaldtwistle and Clayton-le-Moors. The names and addresses of those men in attendance at the two events were published in the Accrington Gazette on 11th January and 1st March 1919, and appear here in alphabetical order of surname. Many of the names can also be found in the Accrington 1918 Absent Voters List.

Surname Other Names Rank Address
Abbott Wm. Pte. 142 Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Almond George Pte. 21 Castle Street Accrington
Ashworth A. W. Pte. 15 East Parade Rawtenstall
      late of Melbourne Street Clayton-le-Moors
Aspinall R. Pte. 40 Dill Hall Lane Church
Atkinson W. F. Pte. 23 Commercial Street Church
Bailey W. J. Pte. 67 Sparth Road Clayton-le-Moors
Baldry B. J. Pte. 62 Countess Street Accrington
Balshaw Arthur Pte. 47 Ormerod Street Accrington
Bamber C. Pte. 18 Bank Street Church
Banks R. H. Capt. 6 Aitken Street Accrington
Barley A. E. Cpl. 25 Nuttall Street Accrington
Barlow G. Rifleman 43 Tremellen Street Accrington
Barnes W. A. Pte. 51 Robert Nuttall Street Accrington
Beckett W. Pte. 14 Bishop Street Accrington
Belfield Charles Cpl. 10 Oak Street Accrington
Bickerstaffe R. Pte. 5 Scott Street Clayton-le-Moors
Birtwistle H. Pte. 13 Turkey Street Accrington
Bolton S. Sgt. 18 Whitaker Street Accrington
Bracewell Arthur Pte. 172 Higher Antley Street Accrington
Braysford G. Pte. 19 Duncan Square Oswaldtwistle
Brennand J. J. Pte. 44 Hopwood Street Accrington
Brennand T.
5 Birtwistle Street Accrington
Bretherton E. Rifleman 33 Richmond Hill Street Accrington
Brett J. Pte. 86 Higher Pitt Street Accrington
Brooks Richard Pte. 136 Ashworth Street Baxenden
Broughton F. Pte. 67 Stanhill Oswaldtwistle
Brown Harry Pte. 26 Sparth Road Clayton-le-Moors
Brunton H. H. Pte. 5 Canal Street Church
Burdon R. B. Pte. 17 Tremellen Street Accrington
Burke Victor L/Cpl. 100 Tower Street, West End Oswaldtwistle
Bury A. Pte. 26 Frederick Street Accrington
Cain Chas. Pte. 55 Hyndburn Road Accrington
Calvert G. Pte. 36 Church Lane Clayton-le-Moors
Carney J. Pte. 21 Maden Street Accrington
Carter W. Pte. 38 Cross Street Oswaldtwistle
L/Cpl. 105 Burnley Road Accrington
Chapels E. Pte. 104 Court View Church
Chapman J. W. Pte. 94 Maden Street Church
L/Cpl. L. Rising Bridge Baxenden
Chippendale Albert Pte. 1 Adelaide Street Clayton-le-Moors
Clark John W. Pte. 327 Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Clayton F. Pte. 30 Busk Meadow Street Oswaldtwistle
Clayton J. Pte. 25 Sultan Street Accrington
Connor T. Pte. 8 Augusta Street Accrington
Cooper H. Pte. 26 Norfolk Street Accrington
Coulton Wm. L/Cpl. 9 Wesley Street Accrington
Coupe B. Gnr. 89 Charter Street Accrington
Coupe R. Pte. 14 Mill Street Church
Crabtree F. Pte. 26 Haworth Street Oswaldtwistle
Crabtree J. Pte. 34 William Street Clayton-le-Moors
Crabtree W. Pte. 4 Prospect Terrace Huncoat
Crossley J. Pte. 11 Moscow Mill Street Oswaldtwistle
Crowther George Pte. 12 Lower Barnes Street Clayton-le-Moors
Dawson J. Pte. 6 Bridge Houses Baxenden
Dawson W. L/Cpl. 147 Roe Greave Road Oswaldtwistle
Dean A. Gnr. 136 Stanley Street Accrington
Dean G. R. Pte. 38 Frederick Street Accrington
Sgt. 69 Dowry Street Accrington
Dooley Thos. Pte. 26 Chester Street Accrington
Dowling Hy. Pte. 57 Stevenson Street East Accrington
Duckworth J. Bandsman 4 Church Street Church
Duckworth Joseph Pte. 5 Mary Ann Street Accrington
Duxbury Tom Pte. 159 Richmond Street Accrington
Duxbury W. H. Pte. 56 York Street Church
Eastwood Tom Cpl. 45 Hyndburn Road Accrington
Ellison J. H. Pte. 26 Victoria Street Oswaldtwistle
Ellison S. Pte. 85 Higher Antley Street Accrington
Farrell P. Pte. 112 Dale Street Accrington
Pte. 7 Mount Pleasant Accrington
Fawcett Norman Pte. 7 Vale Place Huncoat
Ferguson Daniel Pte. 21 Canning Street Accrington
Fielding J. Pte. 54 Nelson Street Accrington
Finn Thomas Pte. 16 Marsden Street Accrington
Fisher J. H. Pte. 113 Lodge Street Accrington
Fletcher Herbert Civilian 46 Owen Street Accrington
Foote T. W. Pte. 83 Royds Street Accrington
Gallaher J. Pte. 30 Sultan Street Accrington
Giles E. Pte. 13 York Street Accrington
Gleeson W. Pte. 24 Mason Street Accrington
Glover W. R. Pte. 4 Jacob Street Accrington
Greaves Robert Pte. 29 Sultan Street Accrington
Green A. Pte. 16 Mason Street Oswaldtwistle
Greenwood G. D. L/Cpl. Washington House Accrington
Greenwood John Pte. 3 Law Street Accrington
Grime Joe Pte. 30 Hudson Street Accrington
Grimshaw George Pte. 17 Lower Barnes Street Clayton-le-Moors
Grimshaw H. C. Pte. 29 Owen Street Accrington
Grimshaw Rd. Pte. 68 Lodge Street Accrington
Grundy W. Sgt. 25 Ash Street Oswaldtwistle
Guilfoyle J. Pte. 22 Walton Street Accrington
Hadfield Charles R. Civilian 47 Elmfield Street Church
Hall Jas. H. Pte. 19 Stanley Street Accrington
Halliwell F. Pte. East Croft, Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Hamriding Harry Pte. 94 Barnes Street Clayton-le-Moors
Hardwick Bart
54 Lodge Street Accrington
Haworth Fred Pte. Ingleborough Bungalow Cleveleys
      late of 10 Lister Street Accrington
Haworth George Pte. 29 Union Street Accrington
Haworth J. Pte. 27 Grimshaw Street Church
Haygarth Jas. Pte. 176 Bold Street Accrington
Heap W. H. Pte. 50 Fountain Street Accrington
Hebson E. Pte. Plane Tree House Church
Henry John Pte. 30 Water Street Accrington
Herbert W. E. Pte. 37 Richmond Hill Street Accrington
Hewitt Jno. Pte. 4 Albert Street Accrington
Heys Alexander Pte. 34 India Street Accrington
Hill E. Sgt. 10 Annie Street Accrington
Hillman Reginald Pte. 18 Victoria Street Oswaldtwistle
Hindle G. Pte. 12 Mills Street Church
Hindle J. T. Pte. 3 Stone Row Clayton-le-Moors
Hindle Percy Pte. 73 Spencer Street Accrington
Hindley Jack Pte. 52 Sparth Road Clayton-le-Moors
Hoban T. Pte. 61 Eagle Street Accrington
Hodgson J. E. Pte. 13 Albert Street Oswaldtwistle
Holden B. Pte. 9 Oswald Street Clayton-le-Moors
Holden B. Pte. 60 White Ash Lane Oswaldtwistle
Holden S. Pte. 77 Havelock Street Oswaldtwistle
Holden W. H. Pte. 67 Garbett Street Accrington
Holding R. Pte. 24 Tattersall Street Oswaldtwistle
Holtom Herbert Pte. 8 Rose Street Accrington
Pte. 96 Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Horniman W. Pte. 11 Mount Pleasant Street Oswaldtwistle
Horrocks F. Pte. 6 Commercial Street Church
Houghton William Pte. 28 Countess Street Accrington
Houseman A. Pte. 138 Bold Street Accrington
Hudders J. E. Pte. 21 Burnley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Hurley J. Pte. Carters Arms Oswaldtwistle
Ingham J. Pte. 117 Bold Street Accrington
Ingham Richard Pte. 25 Burnley Road Accrington
Jackson Frank Pte. 139 Richmond Street Accrington
Jacques E. Pte. 36 John Street Church
Johnson J. H. Dvr. 100 Elmfield Street Church
Jones A. Pte. 25 Brookside Street Oswaldtwistle
Jones W. Pte. 57 Pitt Street Accrington
Kay H. Pte. 133 Union Road Oswaldtwistle
Kayley Jas. Pte. 92 Maden Street Church
Keeling Albert Pte. 23 Maden Street Accrington
Kenyon H. Rifleman 28 Birch Terrace Baxenden
Kenyon J. Pte. 1 Augusta Street Accrington
Kenyon Luther Pte. 99 Charter Street Accrington
Knowles Berry Pte. Town Hall Accrington
Landrum A. Civilian 17 Charter Street Accrington
Langton H. T. Pte. 14 Crossland Street Accrington
Laraway J. H. Pte. 15 Bent Street Oswaldtwistle
Leach W. Pte. 14 Exchange Street Accrington
Leonard J. Pte. 90 Wellington Street Accrington
Lever Tom L/Cpl. 2a Hill Street Accrington
Lightbown F. Pte. 18 Moss Street Great Harwood
      late of 10 Abbey Street Accrington
Lightbown W. W. Pte. 14 Davy Street Accrington
Long J. Pte. 38 Bradshaw Street Church
Lunt A. Pte. 18 Adelaide Street Accrington
Martyr J. Pte. 14 Warner Street Accrington
Pte. Bumper Hall Farm Oswaldtwistle
Mason Thomas Pte. 22 Ernest Street Church
Mason Wm. Pte. 92 Wellington Street Accrington
Mattinson Wm. Pte. 76 Lower Barnes Street Clayton-le-Moors
Maudsley Thos. Sgt. 11 Willows Lane Accrington
Mayor H. Pte. 26 Walmsley Street Church
Mitton J. Pte. 9 Lonsdale Street Accrington
M'Kenna J. P. Pte. 20 Ellison Street Accrington
Morgan J. W. Pte. 75 Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Moss E. E. Gnr. 17 Exchange Street Accrington
Murray S. L/Cpl. 10 Poland Street Accrington
Naylor R. A. Pte. 35 Barnes Street Church
Nicholas Robt. J.
11 St. James Street Clayton-le-Moors
Nicholson J. Trooper 93 Oswald Street Accrington
Noble T. Pte. 44 Rishton Road Clayton-le-Moors
Norris Thomas Pte. 7 Greenfield Terrace Duckworth Hall
Nuttall Harry Pte. 9 Quarry Street Clayton-le-Moors
Nuttall T. Pte. 96 Wellington Street Accrington
O'Brien James Pte. 12 Davy Street Accrington
Ormerod J. Pte. 5 George Street Church
Palmer Geo. Spr. 171 Manor Street Accrington
Parkington T. Pte. 42 Manchester Road Accrington
Parkinson Harry Pte. 39 Clement Street Accrington
Parr John S. Cpl. 133 Manor Street Accrington
Parsons C. L/Cpl. 36 Higher Barnes Street Clayton-le-Moors
Pemberton T. L/Cpl. 20 Wilfred Street Accrington
Pilkington William Pte. 3 Marsden Street Accrington
Pilling Albert
25 Pendle Street Accrington
Porter Ernest Pte. 9 Bury Street Oswaldtwistle
Powell B. Pte. 21 India Street Accrington
Price Gibson Cpl. 40 Canal Street Church
Price R. Pte. 21 Nuttall Street Accrington
Proctor E. L/Cpl. 7 Park Road Accrington
Purcell T. W. Pte. 12 Mary Ann Street Accrington
Ramsden A. Sgt. 14 Lime Street Accrington
Ramsden Frank Pte. 14 Lime Street Accrington
Ratcliffe Arnold Pte. 41 Roe Greave Road Oswaldtwistle
Rawcliffe George Pte. 17 Midland Street Accrington
Read Cyril Pte. 81 Lonsdale Street Accrington
Reddan P. Pte. 16 Major Street Accrington
Reddin J. Pte. 17 Eddleston Street Accrington
Renton Rd. L/Cpl. 9 Cannon Street Accrington
Riley J. W. Pte. 59 Higher Antley Street Accrington
Riley Jos. L/Cpl. 694 Manchester Road Baxenden
Riley R. Pte. 147 Union Road Oswaldtwistle
Riley S. Rifleman 147 Union Road Oswaldtwistle
Riley Wm. Pte. 15 King Edward Street Oswaldtwistle
Rimington John H. Pte. 60 Paxton Street Accrington
Roberts Harold Pte. 25 Derby Street Accrington
Roberts J. W. Pte. 692 Manchester Road Baxenden
Robinson C. Pte. 7 Foxhill Bank Row Oswaldtwistle
Roche T. H. Pte. 2 Cross Street Accrington
Roney J. A. Pte. 33 Sandy Lane Accrington
Rowell T.
696 Manchester Road Baxenden
Rushton Geo. Pte. 451 Manchester Road Baxenden
Rushton Joseph Pte. 123 Willows Lane Accrington
Ryan Albert Cpl. 99 Dale Street Accrington
Sagar J. Pte. 383 Whalley Road Clayton-le-Moors
Schofield B. Pte. 21 Stevenson Street East Accrington
Scholes W. Gnr. 3 Maden Street Accrington
Sharp Ed. Pte. 83 Lord Street Oswaldtwistle
Shaw G. Pte. 27 Hodder Street Accrington
Shuttleworth Jas. Pte. Rothwell Mill Farm Clayton-le-Moors
Shuttleworth Jas. Pte. Rothwell Mill Farm Accrington
Simpson Joseph Pte. 4 Holland Street Accrington
Slater R. L/Cpl. 23 Westwood Street Accrington
Slattery Stephen Pte. 162 Higher Antley Street Accrington
Slipper Harry L/Cpl. 11 Warner Street Accrington
Smethurst T. H. Pte. 43 St. Edmund Street Great Harwood
Smith Jack Pte. Tramway Inn Accrington
Smith Jno. W.
22 Bank Street Church
Smith W. Pte. 406 Union Road Oswaldtwistle
Southworth John Pte. 25 Commercial Street Church
Sowerbutts A. Pte. 436 Manchester Road Baxenden
Staff H.
Water House, Spring Hill Accrington
Stanton J. Pte. 8 Walmsley Street Church
Stevens John R. Pte. 14 Ashworth Street Baxenden
Stewart Jack Cpl. 14 Fountain Street Accrington
Stones J. Cpl. 12a Bridge Street Church
Sudders T. Pte. 501 St. John's Terrace Baxenden
Sumner D. Pte. 108 Maden Street Church
Tattersall J. Pte. 89 Higher Antley Street Accrington
Tattersall J. Pte. 16 Arthur Street Clayton-le-Moors
Tattersall Thomas Cpl. 44 Maden Street Church
Taylor George Cpl. 8 Oswald Street Church
Thom W. Pte. 38 Grange Street Accrington
Thomas F. J. Cpl. 3 Hopwood Street Accrington
Thompson Albert Pte. 13 Walter Street Oswaldtwistle
Thornley Sam Pte. 17 Trinity Street Oswaldtwistle
Thornton H. Pte. 10 Victor Street Clayton-le-Moors
Sgt. 122 New Lane Oswaldtwistle
Cpl. 48 Oswald Street Accrington
Towers M. Pte. 66 Burnley Road Huncoat
Turner J. Pte. 25 Ash Street Oswaldtwistle
Vickers J. D. Pte. 17 Albert Street Accrington
Vickers M. Pte. 13 Royds Street Accrington
Wade Arthur Pte. 157 Manor Street Accrington
Wade W. Cpl. 418 Manchester Road Baxenden
Walker J. Sgt. 75 Wellington Street Accrington
Walsh Fred L/Cpl. 28 Elmfield Street Church
Walsh Joseph Pte. 26 Stanley Street Oswaldtwistle
Walsh Joseph Pte. 116 Roe Greave Road Oswaldtwistle
Walsh Wm. Pte. 64 Tremellen Street Accrington
Warburton Wm. Pte. 4 Cobden Street Accrington
Ward Joseph Pte. 6 Albert Street Church
Ward L. Pte. 56 Blackburn Road Accrington
Waterfield James
104 Blackburn Road Accrington
Westwell P. Pte. Peel Arm Cottage, Dill Hall Lane Church
Westwood H. Pte. 43 Sparth Road Clayton-le-Moors
Whalley J. H. Pte. 57 Whalley Road Accrington
Whelan Joseph Pte. 10 Church Lane Clayton-le-Moors
Whittaker Richard Pte. 31 Marlborough Street Accrington
Wilkinson Ernest Pte. 158 Avenue Parade Accrington
Wilkinson J. Pte. 126 Sparth Road Clayton-le-Moors
Wilkinson James Pte. 36 Hornby Street Oswaldtwistle
Wilkinson Matthew Pte. 130 Avenue Parade Accrington
Wilkinson W. H. Pte. 4 Charles Street Oswaldtwistle
Williamson B. Pte. 8 Bank Street Church
Williamson J.
24 Hindle Street Accrington
Wilson Albert Pte. 17 Aspin Lane, Stanhill Oswaldtwistle
Wilson John
17 Richmond Hill Street Accrington
Woodhead F. R. Pte. 3 Lord Street Oswaldtwistle
Woods H. Pte. 60 Haywood Street Accrington
Woolley R. Pte. 30 Chester Street Accrington
Worsley G. B. Pte. 7 Robert Street Accrington
Worthington R. Pte. 16 Horne Street Accrington
Wrae Wm. Pte. 3 Collier Street Baxenden
Wright W. Pte. 18 Steiner's View Church
Yates A. Pte. 27 Clement Street Accrington
Yates Ernest Pte. Union Inn, Hyndburn Road Accrington
Yates G. A. 2/Lt. 29 Manchester Road Accrington
Yates R. Sig. 1 Whinney Hill Road Clayton-le-Moors

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