Title - Photograph of the Officers of the Accrington Pals

Officers of the Accrington Pals, February 1915 Ramsbottom Williams W Slinger Haywood Ashworth Gidlow-Jackson Bailey Roberts Stonehouse Rawcliffe Kershaw Tough Mitchell Shorrock Jones Rigby Campbell Heys Ryden MacAlpine Birtwistle Kenny T Y Harwood Whittaker Ruttle Riley Lay Cheney Livesey Ross G N Slinger J Harwood Sharples Milton Broadley Watson Peltzer

Above: Officers of the Accrington Pals in the Drill Hall, Accrington, February 1915. Click on the photograph or on the hyperlinked names to see enlargements. Photograph by kind courtesy of Paul and Anne Willett.

Top row (left to right): Lt. J. Ramsbottom; 2/Lt. G. G. Williams; 2/Lt. W. Slinger; 2/Lt. C. D. Haywood; 2/Lt. H. Ashworth; Lt. C. W. Gidlow-Jackson; 2/Lt. F. Bailey; 2/Lt. W. R. Roberts. Second row: Mr. W. J. Newton (Accrington Borough Surveyor); 2/Lt. C. Stonehouse; 2/Lt. T. W. Rawcliffe; 2/Lt. J. V. Kershaw; 2/Lt. A. B. Tough; 2/Lt. H. H. Mitchell; 2/Lt. J. C. Shorrock; 2/Lt. E. Jones; 2/Lt. W. G. M. Rigby. Third row: Lt. Campbell (R.A.M.C.); 2/Lt. F. A. Heys; 2/Lt. L. Ryden; 2/Lt. F. G. MacAlpine; 2/Lt. F. Birtwistle; Lt. T. J. Kenny; 2/Lt. T. Y. Harwood; 2/Lt. H. E. Whittaker; 2/Lt. J. H. Ruttle; Lt. H. D. Riley. Front row: Hon. Capt. and Quartermaster G. Lay; Capt. W. H. Cheney; Capt. H. Livesey; Capt. R. Ross; Major G. N. Slinger; The Mayor, John Harwood, J.P.; Col. R. Sharples; Capt. J. C. Milton; Capt. P. J. Broadley; Capt. A. G. Watson; Lt. A. Peltzer. The names are taken from The Accrington Observer & Times of 27th February 1915.

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