Title - Percy Allsup's Diary, 1st October 1916 to 11th January 1917

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Oct 1st

Orderly Cpl. Relieved Barnsleys 13 Y&Ls at 1-9 Island 8.0PM. Weather bad. In charge of No 8 Post. Went on Patrol first, night very quiet.

Oct 2nd

Stand down 5.30AM. Weather bad. Night before fired the first time with the Lewis Gun (one pan). Night very quiet.
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Oct 3rd

Stand down 5.30AM. Weather fair. Stand to 6.15PM, night very quiet.

Oct 4th

Stand down 5.30AM. Weather fair. Stand to 6.15PM, night very quiet.

Oct 5th

Stand down 5.30AM. Weather bad, went out to check stores in billet (supports).

Oct 6th

Marched to Hinges 6 mls, stayed a night. Orderly Cpl.

Oct 7th

Marched to Robecq. On Orderly Cpl.

Oct 8th

Orderly Cpl.

Oct 9th

Fall in 6.0AM. Marched to Berguette, entrained to Dullens [Doullens], marched from Dullens [Doullens] to Sarton, in billets.

Oct 10th

Parade at 8.30AM. Bayonet Drill & Physical. Parade at 2.0PM. Arms Drill & Bayonet Drill.

Oct 11th

Parade 8.30AM. Practising the attack in waves. Parade 2.0PM, bayonet Drill & Lecture.

Oct 12th

Parade 8.30AM. Practising the attack in waves while 12.30AM [12.30PM]. Parade 2.0PM, bayonet Drill & Physical.

Oct 13th

Parade 7.50AM. Practising the attack while 12.30AM [12.30PM]. Parade 2.0PM. Bayonet Drill & Lecture.

Oct 14th

Practising the attack while 12.30AM [12.30PM]. Parade 2.0PM, bayonet Practise & Squad Drill.

Oct 15th

In charge of Coy. Guard, mounted Guard 8.0AM. Weather bad.

Oct 16th

Dismounted guard 8.45AM. Rest through day.

Oct 17th

Parade 7.50AM. Company & Battn. manoeuvres. Parade 2.0PM. Bayonet Practise & Gas Helmet. Had a bad after.

Oct 18th

Village Attacks 9.0AM to 12.30PM. Pack up 1.0PM, marched off 2.0PM to Autie Wood [Authie Wood], landed 5.0PM, very wet underfoot.

Oct 19th

Cleaning up all morning. Parade 2.0PM. Batt Drill. Weather bad.

Oct 20th

Parade 8.0AM, bayonet Drill and attacking in waves. Parade 2.0PM, Platoon Drill. 3.30PM Football Match between Y Coy & X Coy, we lost 3-1. At night was given 11.30PM false alarm. Alarm 1.15AM, same again.

Oct 21st

Parade 8.45AM. Company Drill & Attack manoeuvres in waves. Great bombardment still going on after two days. Weather good. Parade 5.30PM. Night manoeuvres finished 8.0PM. Went on Guard, 11.0PM gas alarm, finished 8.30AM.

Oct 22nd

Off Parade all day, took over Orderly Cpl.

Oct 23rd

Orderly Cpl.

Oct 24th

Orderly Cpl.

Oct 25th

Orderly Cpl.

Oct 26th

Orderly Cpl.

Oct 27th

Orderly Cpl., handed it over dinner time. In charge of a bombing team.

Oct 28th

Parade 8.30AM. Gas Helmet inspection & rifle. Trench storming. Parade 1.30PM. Trench storming & throwing. On working party at night.

Oct 29th

Parade 9.0AM. Gas Helmet inspection. Parade 10.0 Baths. Weather bad.

Oct 30th

Packing up in the morning, went to trenches Hebuterne centre, weather dull. Stand to 5.30PM, went in second line. Stand down 6.30AM, night very rough.

Oct 31st

Stand down 6.0AM. Still very rough, trenches in dreadful state, raining again at times. Stand to 5.20PM, night very fair.

Nov 1st

Stand down 6.0AM. Guns roaring all day. Stand to 5.30PM. Night also rough, took No 9 Post up.

Nov 2nd

Stand down 6.0AM, still the same, same line practically demolished. Stand down 6.0AM. Twisted my ankle in sump hole, stayed in a dugout all night, went to M.O.'s in the morning.

Nov 3rd

Marched out with few other men who was sick, dreadfully tired, landed camp in Sailly-au-Bois at 4.50PM, rested all night but ankle very troublesome.

Nov 4th

Cleaning ourselves all day, rifle inspection in afternoon, ankle very swollen.

Nov 5th

Off Parade with bad ankle.

Nov 6th

Kit Inspection & Rifle.

Nov 7th

Packed up & marched to Coigneux, in huts in wood.

Nov 8th

Parade 8.0AM. Working in third line trench, finished 3.30PM.

Nov 9th

In charge of Battalion Guard.

Nov 10th

Got relieved off Guard 9.0AM. Packing up, marched to Warnimont Wood 2.30PM.

Nov 11th

Parade 8.10AM. Cleaning Autie Road [Authie Road], finished 12.30AM [12.30PM]. Weather dull.

Nov 12th

Parade 8.0AM. Marched Collincamp [Colincamps]. Filling in trenches, finished 4.30PM. Marched back, passed plenty troops going into line.

Nov 13th

Parade 8.0AM, got dismissed with bad boots. Our troops went over the top early morning, doing well. Weather dull.

Nov 14th

Packing up, took over trenches 2.30PM, plenty artillery fire, in charge of ration party at night.

Nov 15th

Stand down 6.0AM. Weather frosty. [Either?] side medium. In charge of ration party at night.

Nov 16th

Stand down 6.0AM. Many shells coming & going. In charge of post in second line at night, went to it over the top, trenches in fearful state.

Nov 17th

Stand down 6.0AM. Still many guns roaring. In charge of same post at night.

Nov 18th

Stand down 6.0AM. Packing up, got relieved 10.0AM by 13th Y & Lancs, marched to Sailly.

Nov 19th

Parade 9.0AM. In charge of fatigue party for Div. Gum Boot Stores.

Nov 20th

Parade 8.30AM. Same Routine.

Nov 21st

Parade 8.30AM. Same Routine.

Nov 22nd

Packing up, take over trenches from 13 Y & Lancs 2.30PM. Stand to 5.0PM, Cpl. of a post in second line, very wet & cold, evacuated post 5.0AM. Stand down 6.30AM.

Nov 23rd

Same routine, plenty artillery duels.

Nov 24th

Same Routine.

Nov 25th

Same Routine.

Nov 26th

Went in Reserve Line. On Ration Party at night, finished 5.0AM.

Nov 27th

Stand [down] 6.30AM. Took over post 3.30PM, John Copse 24 hours.

Nov 28th

In sap all day. Stand down 5.50PM. Got relieved 7.30PM by 13 Y & Lancs, very rough journey over 'No Man's Land', got in billets 3.30AM, very tired, very bad foot all day.

Nov 30th

Went sick with foot, got L.D.

Dec 1st


Dec 2nd


Dec 3rd

Packing Up, taking over trenches from 13th Y & Lancs. Stand down 5.0PM, on centre Post in Breasiaux [Brisoux trench].

Dec 4th

Stand down 6.45AM. Took over left Post, got relieved next morning.

Dec 5th

Stand down 6.45AM, got relieved by Z Coy, went in reserve line, on ration & water party 3.30PM till 10.0PM. Mounted Guard on bombing Post 24 hours.

Dec 6th

Stand down 6.45AM, got relieved 5.0PM. Rest while 11.0PM, went on wiring party on No Man's Land, finished 2.30AM.

Dec 7th

Stand down 6.45AM, got relieved by 13.Y&L, went in same billets in Sailly.

Dec 8th

Rifle & Kit Inspection.

Dec 9th

Packing up, taking over trenches again from checking gum boots at stores. Took centre Post in Breasiaux [Brisoux trench]. Stand [to] 5.0PM, quiet night.

Dec 10th

Stand [down] 7.0AM. On same Post all day. Went to first line at night on centre Post IRD. Stand down [Stand to] 5.0PM.

Dec 11th

Stand down 7.0AM. Same Post all day. Got relieved after Stand down, went in dugout in reserves.

Dec 12th

Stand down 7.0AM. In charge of ration Party at night.

Dec 13th

Stand down 7.0AM. Took centre Post on again 10.0AM. Stand down 5.0PM.

Dec 14th

Stand down 7.0AM. On same Post all day, took centre Post on in first line after Stand down.

Dec 15th

Stand down 7.0AM. On same Post all day. Old Fritz throwing his minnies, grenades & aerials over all afternoon. Stand down 5.0PM. Got relieved at night, went in reserves.

Dec 16th

Stand down 7.0AM. S.O.S. signals, in charge of ration party at night. Stand down 5.0PM.

Dec 17th

Stand down 7.0AM. Got relieved by 13.Y&L in morning. Checking gum boots for Company. Marched to Rossanel [Rossignol] Farm, very tired.

Dec 18th

Cleaning up, rifle & kit inspection.

Dec 19th

Parade 9.0AM. New C.O.'s inspection [Maj. G. B. Wauhope had taken over command of the battalion from Lt.-Col. E. L. Reiss on 3rd December]. Arms Drill in afternoon, on Guard at night.

Dec 20th

Got relieved off guard 9.0AM. 2.0PM Bathing Parade, got paid 4.0PM.

Dec 21st

Parade 8.45AM. New C.O.'s inspection. On digging afterwards while dinner time. 2.0PM on musketry.

Dec 22nd

Sick in Quarters T.F.

Dec 23rd

Sick in Quarters

Dec 24th

Got up in morning feeling better. Plenty amusement at night.

Dec 25th

Packing up, marched to Sailly, two other companies went in trenches.

Dec 26th

Up at 5.0AM. On fatigue in Hebuterne, came back again - no work - went again two o'clock carrying timber.

Dec 27th

Packing up, taking over trenches. Relieved Y & Lancs 4.30PM. Myself in charge of No 7 Post in third line. Stand [to] 5.0PM, same Post, knee deep in mud.

Dec 28th

Stand down 7.0AM. Weather bad. Stand down 5.0PM. Went to H.Q., had hot meal, took over No 7 Advance Post 8.0PM, better than last Post.

Dec 29th

Rather a lot of shelling through day, nothing out of the ordinary. Stand down 5.0PM. Got relieved 7.0PM. Went in reserves in orchard.

Dec 30th

Stand down 7.0AM. In charge of working party through day. Stand to 5.15PM.

Dec 31st

Stand down 7.0AM. Weather fair. One of our Posts - No 2 - got found, blown in after stand down 5.15PM, seven killed & three injured. I occupied same Post time before in trenches.

Jan 1st

Stand down 7.0AM. Nothing doing through day. In charge of ration Party.

Jan 2nd

Stand down 7.0AM. Got relieved by 12th Y&L 11.0AM. Checked all Company's Gum Boots, went in billets in Sailly.

Jan 3rd

Cleaning up. Kit Insoection 11.0AM. Nothing else through day, weather rough.

Jan 4th

Parade 8.15AM, afterwards dismissed. Parade 2.0PM. In charge of working [party], to trenches, finished 9.0PM.

Jan 5th

Parade 8.15 [AM], dismissed, weather very dull.

Jan 6th

Parade 8.15AM. Under R.S.M. for Detach Duty to Pommard. Finished for the day 12.30AM [12.30PM].

Jan 7th

Nothing doing all day.

Jan 8th

On Working Party in trenches.

Jan 9th

Parade 8.45AM. Working Party in Hebuterne Village. Finished 12.30AM [12.30PM]. Got back to Sailly 2.0PM. Warned off for leave. Reported at Hqts 6.0PM, marched to Coigneaux, ridden on bus to [Olshue?] Station. Train started 11.0PM.

Jan 10th

Waiting for train 2.30AM at Fienvillers Candas. Train came at 5.30AM. Travelling all day, got off Calais 7.0PM. Marched to camp, rest in tents for the night.

Jan 11th

Parade 8.15AM. Embarked 9.30AM.

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