Title - Percy Allsup's Diary, 19th January 1917 to 30th April 1917

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Jan 19th

Left Home off Leave 6.30PM. Caught 7.10PM Train from Leyland to Victoria S.tion. Caught 10.30PM from London Road. Travelling all night.

Jan 20th

Got in Euston S.tion 4.0AM, went to Y.M.C.A. Got a Taxi from above place to Victoria. Caught 6.15AM train. Embarked at Folkstone for France. Stayed at Boulogne all night in camp. Very cold weather.

Jan 21st

Marched to Station. Caught 10.30AM train, travelling all day. Arrived in Dullens [Doullens] 5.30PM. Stayed there the night.

Jan 22nd

Very cold. Had Breakfast in Town. Given Dinner & Tea rations, also movement orders off R.T.O. Caught 4.30PM Train to Candas. Marched to Fienvillers to join the Batt.

Jan 23rd

Parade 9.30AM. Extended Order Drill & Arms Drill while 1.30PM. Our Plattoon played 10 Plattoon, ours winning by 6 to 0. Weather bad.

Jan 24th

Parade 8.0AM. Aversack rations. Firing on Range 5 miles away. Got back to Billets 6.0PM, very tired, weather still very cold.

Jan 25th

Parade 8.30AM. Bombing & Extended Order Drill & Attacks. 2.15PM Physical & Bayonet Drill. Very cold.

Jan 26th

Parade 8.30AM. Musketry, Extended Order & Bombing Drill. Cleaning up in Afternoon.

Jan 27th

Parade 8.30AM. Extended Order Drill & Bombing. Nothing in the Afternoon. Still very cold weather.

Jan 28th

Same Routines.

Jan 29th

Same Routines.

Jan 30th

Move to Feiffes [Fieffes], 8 Kilos.

Jan 31st

Parade 8.30AM. Musketry, Extended Order Drill, Bombing, P.T. & Bayonet Fighting.

Feb 1st

Parade 8.30AM. Same Routines.

Feb 2nd

Parade 8.30AM. On Fatigue all day on Wood Cutting.

Feb 3rd

Cleaning Billets. No Parade all day, very cold weather.

Feb 4th

Parade 8.30AM. In Charge of Working Party in Wood, finished 12.0 Noon for the day.

Feb 5th

Parade 8.30. Same Routines. Packing up in Afternoon. Marched back to Fienvillers. Arrived 7.30PM.

Feb 6th

Parade 8.45AM. Bayonet Fighting, Bombing, Musketry & Company Attacks.

Feb 7th

Parade 8.45AM. Same Routines.

Feb 8th

Parade 8.45AM. Same Routines.

Feb 9th

Parade 8.45AM. Same Routines, very cold weather.

Feb 10th

Parade 8.45AM. Same Routines, weather still cold.

Feb 11th

Battalion Orderly Sergeant.

Feb 12th

Parade 8.45AM. Brigade Attack all morning. Football Match in Afternoon.

Feb 13th

Parade 8.45AM. Brigade Attack. Weather Fair.

Feb 14th

Parade 8.45AM. Brigade Attack, finished 1.30PM.

Feb 15th

Packing up. Entrained Canaples for Camiers on a Course of Musketry. Arrived at the School 4.30PM, in charge of Tent.

Feb 16th

Parade 8.30AM. All stages on Musketry. 2.15PM Same Details. Concert at night in Y.M.C.A. Hut.

Feb 17th

Parade 8.30AM. All kinds of Classes on Musketry. 2.15PM Details. Had a walk on sea shore at night. Lovely sight.

Feb 18th

Parade 9.15AM. Church Parade.

Feb 19th

End of Troubles with Austria. Parades 9.15AM & 2.15PM. Same Routines.

Feb 20th

Parade 9.15AM. T.O.E. & Elementary Stages. Weather Fair.

Feb 21st

Parade 9.15AM & 2.15PM. Same Routines.

Feb 22nd

Parade 9.15AM. Firing on Range & Taking Classes.

Feb 23rd

Parade 9.15AM. Care of Arms & Aiming Lectures.

Feb 24th

Parade 9.15AM. Snap Shooting. Trigger Pressing & Lecture on Cooperation with Machine Guns.

Feb 25th

Parade 9.15AM. Church Parade. A walk on the Beach in Afternoon.

Feb 26th

Parade 9.15AM. Inspection different types of German Machine Guns in Casino & Testing same.

Feb 27th

Parade 9.15AM and 2.15PM. Firing on Range.

Feb 28th

Parade 9.15AM & 2.15PM. Examination on Firing & Aiming.

Mar 1st

Parade 9.15AM. Lecture & Firing at Landscape Targets on Beach range. Aeroplane came down to its target. Parade 2.15PM. Firing on Miniature Range.

Mar 2nd

Parade 9.15[AM]. Lecture on M.G. Tactics. Firing on Range. Parade 2.15PM. Exam. on T.O.E.T.

Mar 3rd

Parade 9.15AM. Notes, Firing on Range 300x. 2.15PM Test on Points of Elementary Training & Fire Order.

Mar 4th

Parade 9.15AM. Firing on Range 300x to 1200x. 2.15PM Lecture. Packing 4.0PM. Marched to Etaples 6.0PM. Stayed all night. Snowing same Evening.

Mar 5th

Breakfast 8.0AM, very cold weather. Stayed all night again in same Camp. Snowing through daytime.

Mar 6th

Breakfast 8.0AM, very good meals in I-B.D. Mess. Stayed all night again, better weather.

Mar 7th

Packing up. Parade 6.30AM. Entrained Etaples 9.0AM. Arrived Ashue [Acheux-en-Amienois] next morning. Stayed there.

Mar 8th

Stayed at Ashue [Acheux] while Noon. Ridden to Brigade H.Qs. Went to Batt. H.Qs. at Courseilles [Courcelles-le-Comte]. Stayed all night.

Mar 9th

Packing up, waiting for Batt. coming out of trenches. Joined them 6.0PM, weather bad.

Mar 10th

Cleaning up. Rifle Inspection.

Mar 11th

Parade 8.0AM. Fatigue Party on Serre Road, finished 4.0PM, weather bad.

Mar 12th

Parade 6.30AM. Very Dull. Working Party over the old "No Man's Land", finished 4.0PM.

Mar 13th

Parade 6.30AM. Same days Work. Weather bad.

Mar 14th

Parade 6.30AM. On same work while 4.0PM, very wet. Seven wounded.

Mar 15th

Same Routines, finished 5.0PM. Very Wet.

Mar 16th

Same work on Railway. Finished 5.0PM, very tired.

Mar 17th

On Railway work again all day while 5.0PM.

Mar 18th

Packing up. Marched 6 Miles to Authie. Stayed there the night.

Mar 19th

Packing up again. Marched to Beauval 12 miles, very tired with bad roads. Stayed there the night.

Mar 20th

Packing up again, marched to Ligny [Ligny St. Flochel] 10 miles. Weather Fair.

Mar 21st

Packing up again. Marched to [Hernicourt?] 8 Miles. Weather bad again, stayed there the night.

Mar 22nd

Packing up again. Marched to [Feifes?] 8 miles. Stayed in Barns.

Mar 23rd

Parade 9.30AM. Rifle Inspection.

Mar 24th

Packing up again. Marched close to Merville, very tired, 14 Miles.

Mar 25th

Parade 9.30AM. Rifle Inspection.

Mar 26th

Parade 9.30AM. Company Drill in Field, nothing in Afternoon.

Mar 27th

Same Routines.

Mar 28th

Same Routines.

Mar 29th

Route March, very wet weather.

Mar 30th

Drill in Morning. Baths in Afternoon.

Mar 31st

Parade 8.45AM. Wood Fighting with full Paacks.

April 1st

Rifle Inspections.

April 2nd

Parade 8.40AM. C.O.s Parade & Drill. Ammunition Inspection & Lecture on Gas in Afternoon. Snowy weather.

April 3rd

Same Routines.

April 4th

Same Routines.

April 5th

Batt Orderly Sergeant.

April 6th

Parade 8.45AM. Drilling all morning.

April 7th

Same Routines.

April 8th

Packing up. Marched to Fuecquel [Fouquereuil] 16 Kilos, took over Company Orderly Sergeant.

April 9th

Orderly Sergeant.

April 10th

Orderly Sergeant. Big Advance on Vimy Ridge.

April 11th

Packing up again. Marched to Huchin [Houchin]. In Tents.

April 12th

Orderly Sergeant.

April 13th

Orderly Sergeant.

April 14th

Packing up. Marched to Houvlen [Houvelin], very tired.

April 15th

Handed over Orderly Sergeants Duties.

April 16th

Parade 9.0AM. P.T. & B.F. Drill & Attack Practise.

April 17th

Same Routines.

April 18th

Same Routines.

April 19th

Parade 9.0AM. Route March 6 Miles. Foot Inspection & Gas Practise.

April 20th

Parade 9.0AM. P.T. & B.F. Baths in Afternoon, very hot day.

April 21st

Parade 8.45AM. Drill & Attack Practise, nothing in Afternoon.

April 22nd

Parade 9.30AM. Kit Inspection. Football in Afternoon.

April 23rd

Parade 9.0AM. Musketry Drill & Bayonet Fighting, also Gas Helmet Practise.

April 24th

Parade 9.0AM. Route March 6 miles. Gas Drill in Afternoon.

April 25th

Parade 9.0AM. Extension for Attack Practise. Gas Drill in Afternoon.

April 26th

No Routines. Got a Pass for St. Pol, 10 Miles, very good walk, but rather tired.

April 27th

Parade 9.0AM. Practise Digging In. Nothing in Afternoon.

April 28th

Parade 9.0AM. Battalion Attack. Rifle Inspection in Afternoon.

April 29th

Packing up. Marched to Ecoivers [Ecoivres], went in Huts. Stayed there the night. Very tired, 14 Miles.

April 30th

Packing up. Marched to Nerveail [Maroeuil], 4 miles, very hot weather.

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Permission to publish the transcript of Percy Allsup's diary is by kind courtesy of Percy B. Allsup. Transcript © Andrew C. Jackson 2000.

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