Title - Percy Allsup's Diary, 1st May 1917 to 28th July 1917

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May 1st

Packing up, marched to old Front Line in Supports. Rested in Shell Holes.

May 2nd

Working Parties. Packing up. Battle Order, in Reserve for 92nd Brigade going over.

May 3rd

In Reserve to East Yorks going over, who got badly cut up, relieved them in front line.

May 4th

Got relieved at night, went in close supports. Getting relieved next day.

May 5th

Went in Reserve Hill 80. On Fatigue at night. Got a bad shaking, rifle smashed out of my hand, also 2 killed & 5 wounded of same Party.
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May 6th

Still in Reserve in Shell Holes.

May 7th

Still in Reserve for our Batt.

May 8th

Taking over advance Posts in Front Line.

May 9th

3.30AM Boshe came over, but dispersed later, 3 killed & 5 wounded, very hot all day.
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May 10th

In Same Position.

May 11th

Got relieved by York & Lancs, Batt. went in dugouts on Arras & Lens Railway Cutting.

May 12th

Got relieved, went to Ecurie.

May 13th

Cleaning up.

May 14th

Same Routines.

May 15th

Parade 8.45AM. Musketry & Arms Drill; same in Afternoon.

May 16th

Same Routines.

May 17th

Same Routines.

May 18th

Same Routines.

May 19th

Same Routines.

May 20th

Same Routines.

May 21st

Same Routines.

May 22nd

Same Routines.

May 23rd

Same Routines.

May 24th

Same Routines.

May 25th

Same Routines.

May 26th

Same Routines.

May 27th

Packing up, moved to Roclincourt 8.0AM, very hot, arrived 11.0AM. On Fatigue, 6.45PM in Support Trench.

May 28th

Parade 2.0PM. Arms Drills: Musketry & Bayonet Fighting. On Fatigue at night.

May 30th

Same Routines.

May 31st

Same Routines. Football Match, Artillery versus East Lancs.

June 1st

Same Routines. Working Parties.

June 2nd

Same Routines. Col. Rickman comes back to the Battallion.

June 3rd

Same Routines. Off duty at night, for a rest, but no use, an Enemy Aeroplane came over & dropped his Pills in Camp.

June 4th

Parade 2.0PM. Musketry, Arms, & Bayonet Fighting. On Fatigue at night.

June 5th

Same Routines.

June 6th

Same Routines, but off duty at night.

June 7th

Same Routines. Working Party.

June 8th

Same Routines.

June 9th

Same Routines.

June 10th

Packing up. Relieving in the line 11.0AM, went in Supports.

June 11th

In Supports. On Rations Party at night to 'X' Coy. Plenty of Whiz Bangs coming over our way.

June 12th

Same Routines (except Whiz Bangs).

June 13th

Same Routines. 1 Killed, 7 Wounded by a Dud Shell.

June 14th

Same Routines. Got relieved at night by 13th Y & Lancs, went in Reserves near Batt H.Q.

June 15th

In Reserve. On Working Party at night. Same Posts in Supports, badly knocked about.

June 16th

Same Routines.

June 17th

Same Routines.

June 18th

In Reserve. Got Relieved by another Division at night.

June 19th

In Huts on Arras & Lens Road. On Working Party at night.

June 20th

Same Routines.

June 21st

Same Routines. Off Duty at night.

June 22nd

Same Routines. Working in Front Line at Night.

June 23rd

No Parade. Off Duty at Night.

June 24th

No Parade. Off at night. Taking over Orderly Sergeant.

June 25th

Orderly Sergeant.

June 26th

Orderly Sergeant.

June 27th

Orderly Sergeant.

June 28th

Orderly Sergeant. Battallion Attack on Enemies First Line & Gained Objectives with few casualties.
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June 29th

Orderly Sergeant.

June 30th

Handing over duties of Orderly Sergeant.

July 1st

Anniversary of our first Attack. Parade 9.0AM. Arms Drills. Afternoon Sports.

July 2nd

Same Routines.

July 3rd

Battallion Drill & Baths in Afternoon.

July 4th

Parade 9.0AM under Company Arrangements. Sports in Afternoon.

July 5th

Parade 9.0AM. Same Routines.

July 6th

Parade 8.30AM. Belts & Bayonets. Marched 6 Kilos to see His Majesty pass on his tour round the 1st Army Area.
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July 7th

Parade 9.30AM. Firing on Range, Baths in Afternoon.

July 8th

Parade 10.30AM. Marched to Acq for Gas Respirator Test. Sports in Afternoon.

July 9th

Parade 9.0AM. Coy Drill & Musketry. Sports in Afternoon.

July 10th

Parade 9.0AM. Same Routines. Football Match in Afternoon by No 10 & No 16 Plattoons.

July 11th

Parade 9.0AM. Same Routines.

July 12th

Parade 9.0AM. Packing up, taking over trenches, myself being left to join The Brigade School.

July 13th

Parade 9.0AM, taking Classes on Musketry. Same in Afternoon.

July 14th

Same Routines. Orderly Sergeant for the Day.

July 15th

Parade 9.0AM. Exam on Musketry. Same in Afternoon.

July 16th

Same Routines.

July 17th

Same Routines.

July 18th

Same Routines.

July 19th

Parade 9.0AM. Firing on Range, also taking classes in Afternoon.

July 20th

Parade 9.0AM. Exam on Musketry.

July 21st

Same Routines.

July 22nd

Same Routines.

July 23rd

Battallion coming out of the Line. Moved to Mont St. Eloi.

July 24th

Baths & Cleaning Up.

July 25th

Arms Drill, P.T. & Wiring Practise.

July 26th

Same Routines.

July 27th

Same Routines. Parade at night 9.30PM. Respirator Practise on a March.

July 28th

Parade 10.30AM. Inspection of Rifles by Armoury Sgt., also watching wiring Competition.


Unfortunately I finished Diarying on the above Date, or I may have had a little more detail. P.A.

Sergt. P. Allsup
Pear Tree Cottage
Clayton Green

Finished his Soldiering Career on the 7th March 1919.

On the night of 29/30th July 1917, the Accrington Pals took over a stretch of line in the Acheville sector from the 16th Bn., West Yorkshire Regt. The Pals remained in the line until 4th August. It was probably during this spell in the trenches that Percy Allsup sustained his injury from mustard gas.

Permission to publish the transcript of Percy Allsup's diary is by kind courtesy of Percy B. Allsup. Transcript © Andrew C. Jackson 2000.

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